Solution Selling Training

Solution Selling Training

We provide this training Australia Wide including Melbourne, Parramatta, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, and Darwin.

Rise to the challenge of becoming a truly competitive sales professional and improve your skills in this tailored training session. You’ll gain valuable insight into how to effectively draw customers towards what you have to offer, boosting solutions selling ability for all manner of products whilst fine-tuning sessions according best suit individual requirements. Innovation is key – become an expert seller today!

In a rapidly-evolving world of ecommerce, sales professionals have to stay ahead of the game and think outside the box when it comes to reaching customers. We understand that this can be daunting – which is why our team provides expert coaching on how best to engage with prospects, so you know your product’s benefits inside out. Our experienced trainers will guide you every step of the way as they teach strategies for success: setting goals, staying competitive in pricing or services offered etcetera. If becoming an unbeatable industry leader sounds like something that interests you; contact us today!

Solution Selling Objectives

There have been famous people throughout history who have acquired this knowledge. We learn the basics of reciprocal relationships and its use within the sales process. Our trainer will provide a range of advice from influential people through history. We then apply these strategies to the sales process for participants to learn how the foundations of sales can increase the results tenfold.

We all need to set goals. Without a goal, it will be unlikely we are pushing our comfort zone or limits. By setting increased goals in our sales strategy we enable self-motivation and pursuit of greater results.

Most sales courses will have information on Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB). Our trainer develops these at an advanced level and demonstrates how emotion can assist the buyer. Learn how to motivate and inspire your customer/client to buy with value added selling using the Benefits.

We may have a USP (Unique selling proposition) or we may know we offer something that our competitors are unable. Either way, this session here is designed to identify key competitive strengths of the participants products and services. Our trainer will assist with scripting to enhance the ability to mention these areas within the sales process without sounding rehearsed.

We may require different tactics for different sales situations. Just like a battle we don’t approach the same way every time. Different people, sales and situations will require adaptability. We provide more information on how to do this.

Finding new clients is an important part of business growth. Our trainer will provide some new ideas to find new clients and be able to become an effective networker.

We have a huge range of modules and sales skills available. If this is a workshop we highlight many of the sales skills to participants. If this is a team training event, we can provide custom information to suit your sales needs.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Need to tailor your professional sales training? Our courses can be tailored to suit any team’s needs. From Insight Selling and Sales Professional, through to relationship-building skills – there are packages for every organisation. Get in touch today if you’d like help designing a program that works for you! We’re here with the expertise needed take your business from strength-to-strength

Solution Selling Training Outline

Course Overview

This day-long educational program allows sales professionals to improve their skills in the art of selling. Through refresher courses on core fundamentals and a deep dive into techniques employed by successful reps, attendees will learn methods for preparing effective meetings with clients while exploring masterful persuasion strategies and an iterative process that leads customers through every step of the buying cycle.

Topics covered in this course

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Refining something is no small feat, but with our customisation service it’s achievable without breaking the bank! What you’ll get for your investment in time and money? A well-trained team that has been tailored to meet your needs and objectives. Get in touch today – contact our staff now to learn how we can help elevate your training sessions into a whole new realm of success.

The Role of the solution Sales Expert

Participants will delve into the personal qualities needed to excel in a solution selling role, gaining greater insight and appreciation of what it takes.

Explaining Value

During this interactive session, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate the ways in which you can provide value and benefit for both Decision Makers and their organisations.

Understanding Clients Needs

At this workshop, attendees will explore the power of logical levels to draw out essential information from customers and prospects. Through purposeful questions we’ll identify their exact needs and expectations – helping you build a strong relationship with them!

Demonstration of The Rapport Sales Call Method

Join us for our upcoming session to gain insights into how the process operates and its implications. Uncover strategies that will help you move forward in your own endeavours!

Overview of The Rapport Sales Call Method

Looking to gain insights into the efficient solution-selling process? Join us for this session focused on introducing participants to Rapport Sales Call Method – an effective and proven approach that can help in recognising customer needs, motivating them towards actionable steps, and securing commitment.

Single Role Play

Through interactive role-play, participants will gain meaningful insights as they actively receive real-time feedback while observing the unfolding scenarios.

Double Role Play

In this interactive session, two participants bring a role-play to life in front of the group. With their active and timely feedback, delegates will become an integral part of watching and shaping the conversation as it unfolds!

Understanding the Sale Cycle

This learning experience gives participants the knowledge they need to secure their next sale. By analysing the Decision-Making Unit and taking a strategic approach, learn how successful sales meetings can lead to winning business!

Key Sales Skills

At this session, participants will be given the opportunity to gain a better understanding of those sales skills which have been proven to drive successful solution selling. Enhance your knowledge and give yourself an edge in today’s competitive market!

Making Positive First Impression

At this extraordinary event, attendees will gain insight into the essential strategies for making a remarkable first impression.

Double Role Play Part 2

During this unique session, two members of the group will engage in a role-play as their peers provide invaluable feedback that helps guide and shape the unfolding performance. The goal is to ensure genuine growth for all participants!

Multiple Role Play

In this immersive session, two participants will have the unique opportunity to explore dynamic roles in a sales situation. One person is cast as Solution Sale Professional while another assumes the Customer role – and then they switch! Meanwhile, an astute Observer captures every moment on video so that lessons can be learned from each experience.

Maintaining Contact

In this session, participants will delve into how to maintain relationships with potential customers through follows-ups and staying connected. Explore the best methods on creating customer loyalty over time!

Dealing with Resistance

Together, we’ll explore how to find effective solutions for customer concerns that can stand up under any circumstances. Through this session, participants will acquire the necessary tools and strategies needed to make sure every conversation is productive and successful!

Double Role Play Part 3

This interactive experience will involve two delegates as they act out a role-play in front of half the group. The other participants can provide insightful feedback in real time, making it an unforgettable way to gain perspective!

Multiple Role Play Part 2

In this interactive experience, two participants will alternate between the roles of Solution Sale Professional and customer while a third person films their exchange. It’s an innovative way to give each participant insight into what it takes to close successful sales deals in real time!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

At our course-making service, we specialise in creating new courses for any topic imaginable. Whether you need activity booklets, reference books or even full-fledged courseware designed to your exact needs – look no further! Our team of experts is here and ready to assist you on the educational journey towards success. Contact us today so that together we can make a lasting impact with exceptional tailored services at an affordable price point!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Make the most of your training with one of our knowledgeable expert trainers. Get ready to take on new knowledge as you book onto a session that has been specifically tailored just for you – no need to wait! Join us online via Zoom and invest 4-6 hours in yourself, unlocking valuable insights into this course material.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Get sharp and stay ahead of the curve with a 1-hr online training session customised to your individual needs. Our experienced expert trainers are here to help you develop any module, course or workplace skill that’ll give you an edge – no matter if it’s during working hours or in your free time. Unlock new opportunities on Zoom today!

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