Mental Tools: Tough Subjects

Mental Tools for Tough Subjects Training

Armed with the right mental tools, you are better prepared for tackling any challenge head-on. Our specialised training course provides an extensive set of valuable methods to help diffuse and manage issues from every angle – allowing you to achieve optimal outcomes anytime!

Unlock the true potential of your mind with this one-day professional training course! Delve into two distinct learning modes that help you retain knowledge, understand how memory works and strategies to maximise it, overcome procrastination habits and make difficult topics easier. Access valuable methods used by industry professionals to become a better learner in every aspect.

Mental Tools for Tough Subjects Training Outline

Course Overview

Lets start this workshop by getting to know each other and discussing our goals for the workshop! Before we dive into the opportunities that this valuable experience offers, its important to familiarise ourselves with all the attendees.

Topics covered in this course

Define Learning

Our brains are magnificent feats of complexity, but can be difficult to comprehend. That’s why we’ve designed a workshop that uses metaphors and analogies to help participants navigate through this complexity. By doing we aim to enhance their understanding of how different thinking approaches can strengthen their learning process.

Chunking Technique

Unlock your potential and make the most of the information chucks! Through this session, we’ll explore how to use chunks to boost participants’ knowledge base and unleash their creative side. Plus, uncover smarter ways to craft effective tests with chunking techniques.

Memory Enhancement Strategies

Participants attending this session will gain knowledge of effective memory tactics, that empower them to optimize their recall abilities and enhance memory! Elevate your skillset and make a lasting impact on how you process information.

Focused mode and Diffuse mode

During this session, participants will discover how harnessing both focused and diffuse modes of thought can unlock your learning potential! Make the most out of your brains organisation by connecting what you learn in focus with other pre-existing knowledge.

Procrastination – Brain Productivity

Participants will learn the powerful secrets to unlocking your brains long term memory and overcome procrastination in this session. Put an end to delays and master productivity with essential tips from our experts!

Pomodoro technique

In this part of the session, participants will gain knowledge in innovative method of time management that helps minimise outside distractions, enabling maximum focus and organisational efficiency. Discover the powerful technique for maximising your learning capabilities!

Mastering Resilience

This workshop offers participants an invaluable opportunity to develop the necessary resilience and mental strength required when faced with difficult situations. Through exploring individual signature strengths, assigned meaning, purposeful connections and positive relationships; participants will be better equipped to understand self-resilience in any situation life throws their way!

FACE Focus. Accept. Come. Engage. Method

This session offers participants a powerful tool to navigate life’s difficulties – the FACE method. With its easy acronym and comprehensive approach, they will be equipped with beneficial techniques to empower themselves in any crisis or challenge.


Participants will learn the power of mindfulness and meditative practices to bring clarity into thoughts and feelings. They will uncover how these techniques can help us reduce negative emotions while enhancing peace within ourselves for a more focused outlook.

Stress Reduction Techniques

During this session participants will be provided a simple, effective tools to reduce stress. They will learn physical techniques such as mindful breathing and muscle relaxation as well mental exercises to help you stay present in the moment.

Personal Strength Learning

Participants will delve into innovative methods that help them unlock their full potential and sharpen their learning capabilities.

Unlock Your Potential

Participants will have the opportunity to discover how they can best interact with their peers and appreciate the unique strength that each individual brings.

Workshop Wrap-Up

 Towards the end of this workshop, participants will be given a time to ask question and create their customised action plan.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Paramount Training takes the notion of personalised learning to a whole new level! Our comprehensive customisation service allows customers to go beyond common features and tailor their training courses down to every detail, from fonts through aesthetic design. Get your ticket for a fully tailored experience today – it’s free of charge!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Paramount is a leader in empowering individuals and companies to expand their potential through customizable online training courses. Our experts ensure an enriching learning journey with the help of relevant topics tailored to your needs, along with workbooks made from scratch for optimum personalisation. We also offer courseware should you wish to reuse it during other trainings down the line. For more information on our services, don’t hesitate reach out today!

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Let our professional trainers help you reach your goals with a customised course tailored specifically to you. Schedule an appointment on the date that works best for you without having to wait – all done from the convenience of your own home via Zoom!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn and develop your skills, with the guidance of a professional trainer. Get creative with upskilling during work hours or while taking some downtime- all without leaving the house! Book an online session today on Zoom for one hour – it’s fast and easy!

Self Directed Online Course

These interactive courses offer the perfect balance between flexible studies and personalised learning. You’ll have access to a range of activities, assessment tools, and videos that you can go through at your own pace – allowing for an optimal virtual learning experience!

What's Included?

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