Code of Conduct Training: Setting the Tone for Your Workplace

In any society, it is very important for its people to figure out what components glue all of them together. If you’re asking this very question right now, a few things will come to mind: mutual gain, similarities in preferences, political beliefs, cultural norms, and especially ethics. Being something that takes inspiration from the way societies currently are, individual businesses also possess nearly the same components, but one of the most important things that help determine what businesses is going to be about and even the expectations they might have for their respective employees is business ethics. As such, the importance of having an ethical system established within the business cannot be understated; making an informed choice on this sort will easily result to higher profit margins and a loyal employee and customer base. However, creating a code of conduct is easier said than done; it requires philosophical understanding and prudent judgment, which can be both awakened through training courses like ours.

Code Of Conduct Training will help participants learn the basics of business ethics by asking philosophical questions, learning the many answers that philosophers have offered up throughout history and even how some of these paradigms have helped produce some of the best possible outcomes for businesses and societies alike.

There is no doubt that business ethics is important for any company. It’s what determines their ultimate vision and mission, what they stand for and how they intend to treat customers and employees subordinate to them. For professionals, understanding the very ethical principles that help dictate a company’s choices will allow them to see a company’s heart, so to speak, allowing them to work for a company with a genuine interest to preserve it. This ironclad loyalty will understandably result to superior productivity and morale on the part of employees and more informed business models and key decisions for companies. This training course will accomplish these goals by giving participants a philosophical understanding of their work, the values that their very work exemplify, and even certain tools that help them address ethical dilemmas within the company.

We know for a fact that the best professionals are capable and enlightened people, and we intend to provide teams and companies the opportunity to unlock these potentials through this and other training courses meant to address the specific needs of your company and team. If you need further information about our services, please contact us. We’ll be here to provide the best help possible.

Code of Conduct Training: Setting the Tone for Your Workplace Sessions

Learn the Differences of Morality and Ethics

In order to attain a better understanding of business ethics, it is necessary for participants to be able to distinguish between personal morality and the philosophical discipline that is ethics in general. The benefit of this cannot be understated: it’s what allows individuals to truly appreciate the value of professionalism by allowing them to understand that there are things much higher than themselves that, rather ironically, already exist within them. For example, all people have asked at one point what they should do to one another, but whereas personal morality consists of dealing with everyday contexts, ethics raises the very same question to address the very fabric of a society or, rather properly, a business. This training course will therefore help participants appreciate a company’s aims by engaging in dialogue about the differences of both morality and ethics.

Learn How Philosophical Beliefs Impact Ethical Considerations

Much of our own personal convictions and even the company values that we adopt are the result of thousands of years of tension and philosophical argument. The British philosopher John Stuart Mill, for example, would echo the utilitarian school of thought which argues that the most moral actions are those which produce the maximum satisfaction. Another philosopher would be Immanuel Kant, who argues that truly moral actions are those which do not treat people as means to an end. There are many more that can be stated here, but as participants will find in this training course, each of these philosophical thoughts can affect the very company culture they may find themselves under, how companies address these customers, and even their personal beliefs.

Create Informed Ethical Principles

The goal of this training course is not just to teach philosophy and relate it to business, but allow participants and leaders to create their very own ethical framework to influence the way companies are run. How should companies address customers? What should we do to keep employees satisfied? How should our company culture proceed? How should we address insubordination? These are just some of the questions that are effectively answered by informed usage of ethical principles. Indeed, what makes this very much unique from the philosophical frameworks mentioned earlier is the variation of answers within the class. Not only will informed ethical principles rise from within the papers of our participants, but a consensus may even be established which companies can use to their advantage!

Create a Manifesto: A Written Code Of Conduct

As mentioned earlier, business ethics is all about thinking of ethical principles and making very informed decisions based on them. However, companies often have to write their ethical principles in rule books and plaster them on office walls to truly make their ethical thoughts manifest. This has to be done in order to make sure that professionals are truly aware of your team’s ethical principles, and more importantly, allow them to truly appreciate what you stand for as a company. Indeed, a strong code of conduct will not dispel inaccurate images and rumors about a company; it can even reach as far as your customer base, by showing them that you truly have their interests at heart through superior customer service.

Learn Flexible Ethical Decision Making

As with any solid plan, however, there are only so many things that one can reasonably predict and keep doing in order to maintain it. Even codes of conduct are not immune from this and can even create ethical dilemmas that could easily put a roadblock on a company’s capacity for decision-making. Worse yet, this roadblock can even extend across teams, forcing them to either halt production or go against a company’s ethical beliefs, both of which are detrimental in their own ways. It is therefore very important to not just have a theoretical understanding of ethics, but a practical one, allowing participants and leaders to stay on their ethical toes even under constant pressure and stress.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

If you are not completely satisfied with the standard content provided by our company, we would be glad to fully customise the course you requested to your needs. No detail is too big or small for our company; we will fix anything you request for on the training courses, from word choice and content to colours and design. Our dedicated team of writers and editors ensure our client’s satisfaction with our training courses. Book into Paramount courses now and experience the difference!

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

We are never satisfied with letting out customers walk away without their desired training courses. So, we always endeavour to be available and make sure that we make the content if it is not available for perusal in our library. We will settle for nothing less than a satisfied client, and we will create entirely new outlines just for them. Please let our team know how we can help you, and we will fulfil your request for a new training course as soon as possible. We promise the Paramount quality of training course content.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Online Or In-House Customised Only

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Our company prides itself on being able to provide the needs of our clients 100% of the time, and we will employ the best tools to do so. We do not take it any differently when it comes to providing the most capable manpower to meet such needs. Paramount employs only the finest professionally licensed mentors available to provide the best training course experience to our clients. As our clients go through the experience of an online training course, our online mentors will ever be present to guide them through it. Flexibility is also one of their stronger features, so they can mentor a client any time they are available. Book in today!

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