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Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive Communication Skills What is Assertive Communication? Communication and assertiveness are interpersonal skills that help people maintain healthy relationships, resolve conflict and not be repressed. Assertiveness is a relationship style that walks a fine line between being passive and aggressive. This Assertive Communication information brochure is intended to help your client understand assertiveness. This handout explains the …

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Assertive Speech

Assertive Speech- Assertive Communication What is Assertiveness? Balance is the foundation of assertiveness. This requires you to be open about your needs and desires while also considering the rights, needs and wants of others. You are assertive and you can use this to communicate your points clearly, fairly and with empathy. Aggressive behavior is built on winning. Aggressive …

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What Are Assertive Communication Skills?

What are Assertive Communication Skills? According to the dictionary, assertive is “confidently aggressive” or “self-assured”. Assertiveness can be described as a communication skill that allows you confidently to express your opinions and views while still respecting others’ views. Communication is a given. Communication is the heart and soul for both professional and personal relationships. Depending on our communication …

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