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What are some benefits of being assertive?

What is Assertiveness?   Assertiveness is the ability to communicate clearly and firmly your feelings without disrespecting or undermining other people. Being assertive is a healthy behavior that allows you to communicate in a positive manner. People who are assertive communicate their opinions in a direct, positive and firm manner. They communicate their opinions with persistence, in the hope …

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Workplace self-esteem

Workplace self-esteem What is self-esteem? Self-esteem refers to how we view ourselves and value them. It is based on what we believe about ourselves. This can be difficult to change. Self-esteem can be used to refer to a person’s subjective sense of their personal worth and value. Self-esteem can also be described as the amount …

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Learning Self-Management

Learn Self-Management What is self-management? Ability to effectively manage emotions, thoughts, behaviours and goals in a variety of situations. This includes the ability to delay gratification, manage anxiety, and feel motivated and empowered to achieve personal and collective goals. Never give up! Be determined. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It is difficult to maintain …

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