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Train The Trainer Training

Become a go-to trainer with the knowledge and tools to facilitate effective training programs! This session is tailored for those wanting to evolve their workplace coaching ability, offering insight into skillsets, strategies, and experiences necessary for creating valuable trainings that provide mutual benefits. To ensure a successful organisation, it is critical to invest in comprehensive training. The success of this programming largely depends upon the trainer’s sense for any potential course challenges and their capacity to craft bespoke instruction designed specifically for each participant’s requirements. This could involve anticipating unexpected conflicts like on-call schedules or attendees not suited to conventional teaching methods – allowing them access the crucial personal development resources they require.

This course covers the keys to crafting an engaging, interactive training session. From strategies for maintaining focus and enthusiasm in your attendees to including group discussions into your lessons – you’ll be equipped with everything necessary to become a top-notch trainer!

Train the Trainer Training Outline

Course Overview

Our journey starts with getting to know each other and mapping out the learning experience. Throughout our time every participant will have the opportunity to define their own educational goals!

Topics covered in this course

Pre Assignment

This session will empower attendees to take charge of their development journey as they set goals and plan how to achieve them. Lets explore our desired learning objectives; what does each of us want to gain from this workshop experience?

Training Definition

This session will offer insights, into the world of training. Provide participants with a deeper understanding of its purpose. From understanding what it involves to knowing when it’s most effective – this is your chance to take control and ensure you make the most out of any trainings!

Training includes:

  • Identifying the need for learning opportunities.
  • Gaining management support, for developing training programs.
  • Creating learner centered experiences.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training.

What is Facilitation?

Participants will gain insight into the aspects of facilitation. Learn how it differs from traditional training methods.

They will develop an understanding of why facilitation’s such a powerful tool, for collaboration problem solving and generating creative solutions!

Recognising Participants Needs

In this learning opportunity our instructor will assist participants in identifying their needs, desires and expectations while teaching strategies to address these demands. Additionally the trainer has prepared three straightforward analysis steps that individuals can use to evaluate what might be missing from their lives.

Resolving Knowledge Gaps

This session will offer insights into four areas empowering participants to recognise and bridge any gaps in their knowledge. Delve into the evaluation process as you explore learning opportunities!

Creating an Engaging Lesson Plan

During this session trainees will acquire the skills needed to craft a lesson plan and understand its vital role in effectively conveying information during training. By recognising the power of designed plans participants are certain to captivate their learners!

Allocating Additional Time

In this workshop attendees will gain insights on how to create learning objectives that optimize the effectiveness of training while ensuring all involved parties reap its benefits.

Developing Contingency Plans

Participants, in this session will gain an understanding of why having a plan is crucial and its purpose.
Crafting a contingency strategy can bring you closer, to your goals by helping you navigate challenges and ensuring peace of mind.

Choosing Activities

When attending this session you will gain insights into which activities are best suited to achieve your desired outcomes for the day. You’ll learn how to make the most of every moment in your pursuit of success.

Preparing for the Workshop

Before the workshop even begins participants will acquire the knowledge and confidence needed to facilitate their lessons. This session will guide attendees on preparing the materials for an impactful presentation.

Making a Good Impression

The ability to make an impression and build relationships is an invaluable skill. In this session we’ll equip participants with the tools they need to ensure their interactions are as effective as possible.

Delivery Tips and Tricks

Participants in this session will receive advice, on how to create an successful workshop. Packed with tips, tricks and techniques it’s an opportunity to guarantee that your next workshop runs smoothly.

Keeping it Interactive

Our workshop environment is designed to be dynamic and motivating fostering growth and confidence.
Learners have the opportunity to gain insights, into their growth while also receiving support and encouragement from their peers in the group!

Handling Challenging Participants

During this session trainers will learn strategies to manage behaviour in workshop settings. They will be introduced to three guidelines that can help maintain an organised environment throughout the activity.

Wrapping Up the Workshop

Once the course is completed participants will have the ability to formulate their questions and create a plan of action for applying their acquired skills. With guidance from our team each student will depart with both knowledge gained and practical strategies, for implementation!

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Paramount is here to ensure the success of your business through customised training courses designed just for you! Choose from a range of features – everything from guide questions, objectives and activities to color schemes and fonts. We want every detail in our program to meet with 100% approval; any dissatisfaction will be addressed so that all changes are met accordingly. Let us craft the best possible solution tailored specifically for your organisation’s unique needs!

In-House Customised training benefits:
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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Paramount is the one-stop shop for all your content creation needs. We have an experienced team at the ready to design training outlines and workbooks that are tailored specifically to fit your company’s objectives. With our commitment to high quality, you can rest easy knowing we’ll provide courseware that will help make your business better through improved employee competencies and effective administration strategies.

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Start your journey to success with one of our experienced instructors! Reserve a personalised course, tailored just for you and conducted online – no need to wait around. Get the education and training needed in 4-6 hours on any day that works best for you.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Enhance your professional development with an interactive session tailored to you! Our expert trainers can help develop any module, course or workplace skill while being 100% online via Zoom. Take a productive hour and upskill yourself today!

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