Employee Dispute Resolution Training

Employee Dispute Resolution Training (Peer Review)

Disputes in the workplace can be damaging to morale, productivity and even safety. Arbitration teams are commonly relied upon to resolve conflicts quickly and rationally before they escalate into violence. Training courses like this one equip employees with effective tools for not just dispute resolution but also promoting confidence among peers at work – all of which aid efficiency within teams! If you’re seeking more advice on settling disputes, then look no further – join us now to sharpen your skillset today.

Learning Objectives or Outcomes:

The peer review provides a rational, unbiased process to employees to solve workplace disagreements. Our trainer will discuss the benefits of a peer review process for dispute resolution.

As we develop this training session we provide information to participants on how employees can file grievances and the normal process for management to respond.

Our trainers help participant to learn that the facilitator is the key contact for the peer review pane. They have a significant role in choosing the panel. How do you choose a good facilitator? We provide more information on how to select someone who is honoured in the organisation as they will be vital to the success of the process.

We discuss the process and how the panel may review information before the hearing etc. BY providing information on the process in a step by step method employees understand how the peer review can add value to the resolution process.

We provide information and authority to the powers that a panel will have in the review. Each responsibility is illustrated to the participants.

Questions are useful tool if used correctly. Our trainer shows employees how questioning techniques can add value to the process.

Peer review panels can fail from time to time. We list the common issues and provide workplace examples. Our trainer also provides solutions for those pitfalls.

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Employee Dispute Resolution Outline

Course Overview

Participants will kick off the day getting acquainted with one another and discussing what topics they can expect to explore in this dynamic workshop. Everyone also has a chance to set forth their own individual educational goals, ensuring everyone is able access meaningful value from today’s experience.

Topics covered in this course

What is Peer Review?

Participants will kick off their discussion by exploring the boundaries of peer review and understanding what it can offer as a development tool.

Initiating the Process

This session participants will explore the first steps of filing a proper grievance, notifying those involved and ensuring important witness statements are collected. Be prepared to gain useful knowledge on beginning the process with confidence!

The Peer Review Panel

In this informative session, participants will gain crucial knowledge on the appropriate members to assign for their peer review panel.

Asking Questions

Moving forward, participants will have the opportunity to refine their ability to ask meaningful questions and delve deeper into topics.

The Peer Review Process

At this session, participants will get a comprehensive overview of the entire peer review process: from organising and getting ready for an effective hearing to making informed decisions.

Panel Walkthrough

Get ready to dive into a peer review scenario in the afternoon and sharpen your professional communication skills!

Why Does the Process Fail?

In conclusion, participants will uncover the most frequent obstacles to successful peer review and learn practical strategies for overcoming them.

Workshop Wrap-Up

At the end of this inspiring learning opportunity, participants will have a chance to reflect with their peers and solidify what they’ve learned into an actionable plan.

Learning Outcomes

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