Critical Thinking Training

Critical Thinking Training

If you are interested in enhancing your critical thinking skills and is searching for a training course to improve on this field, then this Critical Thinking Training course is the right fit for you! Through this course, you will be able benefit from a program that was made to encourage team members and participants to make their own thinking style and learn the right methods of critical thinking.

In all professional fields,  critical thinking plays a significant role. Through this training course, participants will be able to examine, assess, elucidate and reconstruct their way of thinking.Our program consists of plenty of training tools which can help in motivating employees and develop their skill set. In case you have certain preferences or specifications, feel free to get in touch with our team so they can assist you.To cater to your needs, we can customise a work book for you coming from our own library. At the event they are not available; we can produce modules for you.

Outcomes for Critical Thinking:

We discuss critical thinking and how it is, “the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualising, applying, analysing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.”

When people identify their own critical thinking style, they take ownership and learn about the areas of strength and ownership.

To expand on the area of Critical Thinking, we discuss other styles also to provide context and some new ideas for problem solving.

We demonstrate the process of critical thinking and how we can build and analyse arguments.

We then need to develop and evaluate the explanations from the process of critical thinking.

This area is designed to improve individual skills to be better with communication and the key elements of critical thinking.

A range of techniques and systems to provide participants with some new tools.

Learn how to prepare a powerful argument. We can add some additional role plays or presentation activities here for more interaction.

Discover the cause of business problems and opportunities
Solve issues with thinking that is adaptable
Challenge habitual thinking patterns
Use distinct notion strategies at different times to give better results
Identify a problem and comprehend its root causes
Appraise notions objectively
Know how to translate an abstract idea into something concrete
Distinguish fact from opinion
Creativity and the decision making process
Improve the confidence to make use of the learning back in the work place
Bring the learning to life and help it become practical
Evaluate responses that are possible precisely to select the best result
Compare options using coupled position
Employ several types of thinking for improved evaluation and problem solving
Develop new patterns of thinking
Influence others at all degrees of the organisation
Recognise, Reconstruct and Evaluate arguments
Assess the tactical thinking of others
Respond with fascination instead of emotion
Choose the right techniques to recognise premises and draw conclusions
Structure the analytical procedure with a matrix
Identify and prevent common thinking blunders which result in the creation of beliefs that are bad
Problem solving by beginning with restatement of the dilemmas
Beware of persuasive techniques
Research examples of why critical thinking is so important in business
Learn to use critical thinking skills when making business decisions
Identify decision making variables
Minimise the effect of occupation pressures in your thinking processes
Identify their style and patterns of thinking
Assess decision alternatives using odds
Use tools for breakthrough thinking in the workplace
Create progressive responses to opportunities and business problems
Design and execute action plans that are suitable
Get a road-map for developing your critical thinking skills
Translate intangible thoughts into concrete results
And employ those tools in areas including law, moral theories and science.
Learn more about the issue fully using visual thinking tools which address any questions that appear and help to search for responses
Evaluate the reasoning of others
Critically examine and appraise data
Develop as a thinker
Use fundamental tools that are rational to analyse arguments
Recognise prejudice in others and themselves
Use questioning techniques to get the information needed from others
Solve issues more efficiently
Assess your own thinking style preferences
Make dramatically better judgments
Adapt presuming to browse through unforeseen occasions
Understand thinking terms
Think in the present to get ready for the future
Explore the application of techniques and the tools
Problem solving from a number of different perspectives

Improve key critical thinking skills, including active listening and questioning

Learn how to use creative thinking techniques and analytical thought systems. We’ll use a variety of role plays and exercises to identify which style defines each participant.

Prepare and present arguments that are powerful

This unit will focus on examining questioning abilities (including open questions, closed questions, and probing), through a discussion and pairs exercise. Participants will even work on their listening skills by participating in an interactive quiz.

Define critical and non-critical thinking

Critical thinking is important, regardless of what your professional field.
This session is designed to help players assess to analyse, describe and restructure their thinking.
The principal component of this session understands the difference between critical and non-critical this thinking applies to your role.

Defining Critical Thinking – Present and Prepare Powerful Arguments

How do you know what to consider? How do you distinguish between the myths and the truth? The answer lies in critical thinking skills.
The capability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a way that is logical, convincing is now a key skill for survival in today’s world. We will help participants to work through the critical thinking process to build or analyse arguments.

Other thinking styles, including left/right brain thinking and whole-brain

In today’s society, lots of people experience information overload. Purchase commodities, we are bombarded with messages to consider various ideas, support causes, and head our lifestyle in a certain way. In this session we will discuss the various critical thinking styles, and how we can learn and enhance these styles. We’ll also discuss other styles of thinking including whole brain thinking, and left/right brain thinking, and how these inter- link. Participants will learn skills and techniques to present and prepare strong arguments, and how critical thinking applies.

Identifying Critical Thinking Style- Creative Thinking Techniques

It is necessary that participants understand the way the use of critical thinking techniques can assist in analysing and building arguments. We’ll run a group discussion with verbal activities to show examples of how this applies. We also help participants identify their critical thinking style(s), including areas of strength and improvement. During this session we will discuss various creative thinking techniques, and the use of these in participant’s daily lives.

Develop and evaluate explanations

We also help participants to use Critical Thinking to construct and assess arguments. Skills in this session include active listening and questioning techniques to evaluate and develop explanations.

Why Hire Our Professional Development Trainers?

We’ve been in the industry since 2007 and have done several sessions in different parts of Australia and have one of the biggest information databases available with case studies, data about problems in the work place and true to life samples that are utilised in our training program.The trainers we have are skilled, well-trained experts which help ensure that the participants will greatly benefit from the program and easily apply what they learnt on a day-to-day basis at work.

We can give you additional information regarding this training course or a free personalised outline. Get in touch with us and let us know in what way we can assist you. This can be customised to suit to your team and groups in Parramatta, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast.

Critical Thinking Outline

Course Overview

Our workshop day will kick off with a chance for participants to get to know one another, followed by an overview of the in-depth program we have prepared. Participants can also take time during this first portion to identify and refine what they wish most gain from the experience.

Topics covered in this course

Understanding Critical Thinking

The first session of the course will introduce participants to the concept of critical thinking by examining its key components. They’ll look into what makes a strong critically thinker, their signature skills and then explore practical ways to nurture them further. All those looking for that extra edge in communication are bound benefit from engaging with this vital skill-set!

Where Do Other Types of Thinking Fit In?

Participants will explore the concept of lateral thinking, or harnessing both analytical and creative strategies to craft effective solutions. Our session delves into left-brain/right-brain approaches as well as whole brain thinking for a comprehensive approach to problem solving.

Pitfalls to Reasoned Decision Making

During this session, we will uncover the various obstacles that can impede sound decision-making and investigate ways to effectively address them.

The Critical Thinking Process

Participants will explore the seven phase critical thinking model and gain an understanding of its essential standards. Through a stimulating case study, they’ll have the opportunity to practice utilising this powerful tool in their own problem-solving.

A Critical Thinker’s Skill Set

This session will equip participants with the necessary tools to develop their critical thinking capabilities and uncover meaningful insights. From question formulation, probing of assumptions, through to active listening – these skills are essential for unlocking hidden knowledge.

Creating Explanations

This session is designed to unlock the power of analysis through an exploration of logical explanation – equipping participants with a valuable skill for sound critical thinking.

Dealing with Assumptions

In this session, we’ll explore how to shift from mainly relying on assumptions when thinking critically. Through meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas, participants will discover strategies for recognising and reducing the number of assumptions they use in their daily lives.

Common Sense

This session will delve into an often-overlooked path to creative solutions: common sense. Let’s discover how this timeless tool can open up new possibilities and help us tap our inner wisdom more effectively.

Critical and Creative Thought Systems

Participants will explore a range of systems for stimulating imaginative and analytical thought, such as Edward De Bono’s Thinking Hats and brainstorming techniques. These strategies can help unlock innovative ideas and foster more effective problem solving.

Putting It Into Practice

Participants are invited to a concluding session in which they will be preparing and delivering impactful, logical presentations as well as evaluating their peers’ work with newfound skills. This is an opportunity for them to improve the art of critical thinking!

Workshop Wrap-Up

Upon course completion, participants will have the chance to pose their queries and draft a strategic plan for further development.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

With a commitment to providing the best possible training courses in Australia, our company offers cutting-edge customisation services. We understand that no two clients will have exactly identical needs when it comes to online course content and delivery – so we offer an array of options for tailoring your experience, from modifying objectives or changing schedule times all the way up through fully bespoke written programs! Book into one of our existing offerings today – or be daring and discover what happens when you create something truly unique!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Our goal is to ensure your team has access to valuable training material no matter what the topic. With our course creation service, you can request a custom-made training program covering any subject that’s most relevant for you and your staff – all with one simple enquiry! Our professionals will create bespoke content from scratch which exclusively belongs to you. Expect nothing less than high quality output from us; we guarantee it every time!

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Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Our one-on-one expert trainers are ready to tailor an individualised course, just for you. No need to wait – choose your desired date and jump start with a 4-6 hour session conducted conveniently online through Zoom!

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

Get the tips and tricks you need to upskill in your desired area with one of our professional trainers. Choose from any module, course or workplace skill – all conveniently conducted via Zoom! Make a 1-hour investment into yourself today for improved results tomorrow.

Self Directed Online Course

With our courses, you can learn at your own pace with an array of exercises and tutorials. Our prerecorded modules will help keep you motivated while providing assessments to ensure that the knowledge is absorbed efficiently!

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