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Leading a team of people in the workplace is never as easy as it appears, but great things can come of it if done properly. Before this can be done, however, a leader must speak to their team. The leader has to lead with confidence to motivate them to work together toward a common goal. To do this, leaders have to communicate with influence, and there are many strategies or tactics potential leaders can use to win people over to their side. This training course is therefore set to train participants to communicate effectively, assertively and with influence in the workplace to the best of their ability.
Leadership can largely be determined by how the leader influences his team to follow him or her. Capable appeals to either mental or emotional satisfaction can be strong in swaying a team to willingly following a leader. These methods will train potential leaders to argue capably, on both the mental and emotional scope. This training course is essential in crafting leaders in your company who lead instead of bossing people around. This pairs well with sessions about teamwork, leadership, and office communication.

Communicating with Influence Training Outline

Sell Your Logic

One of the primary tools for any leader is factual evidence that they should be followed. This is done by using logic and investigated facts to support whichever direction you wish to lead them. A leader can appeal to the rationality of the team members, but the presentation or plan has to be well researched and must flow logically from Point A to Point B so that the team members are actually understand where you’re going, and how it’s a good way to go.
For example, if Ken wants to convince his construction team that they should make the building out of a different brand of concrete, Ken can either positively or negatively argue his point. To illustrate, Ken can either point out what is better about his chosen brand of concrete, or why the other one is a poorer choice. Ken could use any number of points or arguments for either, but the point is that he is giving logical reason to listen to his decisions to the people he wishes to influence into following him.
Advertisements work on a similar structure; they show you why their product or service is better than the competition, which influences consumers to follow them and take their products instead. Being capable of selling your logic or arguing your point is the bread and butter of an influential communicator.

Articulate Your Counter-Point Carefully

Being able to argue your point is one thing, but arguing the right way is what locks in capability in mental influence and appeal. The best response to a good counter-point is to give it credit where it is due, and if possible, find a compromise that everyone in the team can agree on. Sometimes, the best way to maintain team confidence is to give a good counter-point. What this does is show that you are as capable of following as you are in leading; team respect for you will grow, especially if you showed respect to their paths and ideas as well. As an example, when utilising the basic pro and con tactic, but don’t only present the cons of your opposition. Be fair, always, and give every idea due credit, so that everyone in your team feels that you validate them mentally, and they’re much more likely to validate your ideas, be influenced by them, and follow them.

Paint Them a Pretty Picture

Emotional approaches are more effective on certain team members than it is on others. Some team members will be driven by logic, and need to see before they believe that a path is better than another. They need to be won over with better logic and arguments, until their brains are satisfied enough to follow. Others, however, need to feel good about a path you lead them on before they follow you. To do this, leaders can “paint them the big picture,” but the primary point is still selling it to them as something pretty, something they would want to work towards. Mentally driven workers need things, because that’s the optimal way to go. Emotionally driven workers want things, because that’s the thing they feel better about following. Knowing the different types and how to influence or sell them your idea is a key roll of a leader.

The Carrot or The Stick Methodology

The advantages and disadvantages of both of these leadership styles will be explained by the trainer. While it is good to stay somewhere around the middle of these, we naturally favour one over the other. By group discussion and personal reflection, participants will see which they tend to lean more towards and how it can help them motivate and build confidence and morale within their teams.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Our company believes that you can always improve things. For our training courses, we only need the specific requests of our clients to improve the desired training course. Once the word is given, we will change the course to suit the needs of your business. You knows your business best and we understand training, and how it should be designed, so we will always accept requests to change the content and modules to suit and guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We will accept any alterations to the training courses we prepare for our clients. That is a Paramount promise.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Should it happen that a training course topic is not present in our company’s massive library of training courses, your company need never fear. Paramount can create courses for your company on demand. Say the word, and our team shall get right to work to prepare a training course for yours, including all the little tailoring and alterations desired to make it unique to you. We promise to meet any demand for any training course for the professional companies that hire us to train their workers to their very best.

Instructor Led Online Available Only

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

Our company is dedicated to crafting well-designed online training courses to help our clients reach their aspirations and ambitions through growth and learning. With each of these training courses, our company provides personal online mentors. These dedicated, licensed professionals will be ready to serve your training needs and mentor you at any point of the working day. They can also comply with any point of your schedule, provided you have a working Internet connection to reach them with. Book a course today for your own personal training!

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