Conflicting Communication Training

Communication and cooperation are a staple of the workplace and in fact the two of them form the foundation from where most workplaces are built up from. The constant flow of communication means the constant exchange of ideas and information that inevitably will be used or utilised in some fashion or another by an individual or a group of individuals to perform their task. Cooperation meanwhile describes the bond between the individuals in a group and how willing they are to perform tasks in a synchronised and collaborative manner allowing members of a group to focus on one objective of the group’s many objectives, spread labor out by delegation, and therefore get more things done sooner or ensure they meet the deadlines required.

Disagreements, arguments, individuals butting heads with each other for an entire plethora of possible reasons. Such challenges are common with the workplace environment, and in fact are not inherently a bad thing as these clashes can produce criticisms and lessons that if utilised for what they are actually result in something beneficial in the long term. However if poorly expressed or poorly displayed, a conflict can result in a lot of negative results; from anything as benign as hurt feelings to something much worse like property damage, physical altercations or a massive interruption in the entire workplace.

Conflict between parties is inevitable and sometimes it can lead to negative consequences especially if left unresolved or resolved in a poor, intrusive, or destructive manner. Conflicting Communication Training is what is required to alleviate this issues and is what we’ve created to meet this demand.

The workplace is just like a very big and very powerful machine. It’s a machine that relies heavily upon effective communication and cooperation to allow it to operate. And much like any other machine, its individual components can be improved to further improve its overall performance, efficiency, and capacity. Unlike parts and gears of most machines however the workplace is in reality a collection of individuals with individual knowledge, experience, and are professions that, while working in different areas, are working toward a common goal. To help them achieve these said goals they’ll need a constant and consistent flow of information to help make informed decisions or at least know to adjust their work if need be. Conflict is a natural occurrence in places where many individuals group up and work together, but is not inherently negative. Conflicting Communication Training can show participants how to maintain that flow and properly resolve conflicts and perhaps even get positive results despite the clashing.

Conflicting Communication Training Outline

Develop and become more proficient as listeners

A lot can be picked up from listening to others. Be it through casual conversation, or actively listening to a peers valid points in group discussions; one can learn, ascertain, and discover a whole host of information that one can utilise to facilitate more, better, and easier interactions with others. There are different types of listening too, and much like tools in a toolbox, different styles can be more effective in certain situations. Participants will be given lessons on how to become better listeners, and techniques and strategies on how to best employ certain listening styles to best suit the occasion.

Devise strategies to improve communication

Communication is a key component in any group as it allows the free flow of information between peers that can then utilise the information provided by one another to make informed decisions and choices which further both the individual and therefore the entire team in their collective efforts. In Conflicting Communication Training, participants are shown how some communications that team members send to one another can be less relevant that others and not as effective as other kinds of communication. Their goal then is to trim the fat and cut down on unnecessary communication and by using linguistic strategies practiced, establish a higher level of professionalism, creating a system of turns of phrase and jargon that everyone in the team can understand and quickly interpret to act upon; thereby maximising efficiency.

Enhance cooperative efforts

Cooperation allows individuals to work side-by-side to achieve goals that they would individually be unable to reach with certain restraints like time being imposed on them. Conflicting Communication participants shown how even the best teams out there can be improved by encouraging certain behaviours and avoiding other behaviours for the benefit of their collaborative efforts. Many methodologies exist which can allow them to facilitate these adjustments; these will be taught to participants who can then decide which works best for them in their individual areas.

Devise conflict resolution strategies

At the end of the day, any group is just a collection of individuals working towards common goals. These are not machines with precisely built parts that operate within some boundaries, these are in fact people and one of the defining traits of people in general is unfortunately their tendency for creating conflict with one another. The causes for these challenges are as varying as the people themselves, but are more often than not motivated by perfectly rational and completely logical reasons. Conflicting Communication Training has many strategies available to root out the cause of conflict between parties and how to swiftly reach a compromise between the opposing parties for the sake of the team. If not, then at the very least mitigate the negative effects of the currently occurring conflict while a team activity is being conducted so it may be resolved at a later point where time and other resources are not as limited.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Creating customised courses are a special role of our team. We not only create the courses that you desire if you don’t find it, we also customise them to fit all the little details that comprise your liking. The client’s wish is our command, and we pride ourselves on delivering capably customised training courses for the use of the client and his or her company. We believe that the little details we fix for our clients in their training courses are the bits that will make the company better for the trainees, and from there, we have a better world. Come book a course with Paramount now, and help make the world a better place!

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Sometimes, we receive requests for specially made training courses, both available and unavailable. We pay strict attention to both, but we always make sure to set a team on preparing specially made courses for those clients who did not find what course they were looking for in our library. What if our client wants a topic that’s quite unique, but cannot find one in our library? Our writing, researching, and editing team will get to work as soon to deliver the specially made content to our valued customer. Learn more about how we can create a training package to specifically meet your needs. We can even provide the option of ownership.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

We at Paramount believe that a good teacher can make or break a student. That’s why we hired only the very best professional mentors to offer you online assistance when you decide to take our online training courses. Our online assistants are always professionally licensed and registered, besides being friendly, polite, and diligent in their work. When you choose a course to take, you can also choose which professional mentor you would like to be your online assistant. Book in today to experience and enjoy learning with a professionally registered and licensed online assistant!

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