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coursedetailsWhy Choose a Minute Taking Training Course?

Many assistants will have to take minutes of meetings at some point in their career. You don’t have a system that will make it easy to take minutes of meetings.

A workshop will help you feel more confident when taking minutes for committees, boards, weekly meetings, volunteer groups, and your association. Documented minutes are a valuable tool for decision making, documenting organisational activities, approvals and the assignment of responsibilities.

Secretaries, personal assistants, and legal assistants all need to be efficient in minute taking. A specialised training course in minute-taking will teach you how to minute take and make notes at conversational speed.

minute takingWhat Can You Learn?

You can be the expert on taking minutes within your company. This in-demand skill can be taken to the professional level. Develop and enhance skills like agenda writing, choosing appropriate minute templates, concise summarising and listening. This course will quickly improve your time-taking skills by providing plenty of tips, feedback, and examples.

Participants can be introduced to office minute taking skills. This covers all aspects of what to expect during, after, and before the meeting. Participants will also be taught about the various types of meetings.

These are some of the most important skills:

  • Learn the basics of speed writing
  • To be able to use the key phases of your writing process, you will be able to write a minute without difficulty.
  • Encourage writing that is simple to understand, read and take action on
  • How to prepare effectively for meetings using a flawless meeting checklist
  • You must know how to communicate your message clearly without confusing your audience.
  • You can also avoid being too specific, which could lead to the omission of important information

Who Should Attend Minute Takers Course

* Front Desk Staff * Receptionists * Administration Assistants* Personal Assistants* Secretaries* Supervisors/Team Leaders* Office Managers* Any person working in office support

Different Training Methods

The course you choose and the method you use to study Minute taking courses will determine how you learn. You can enroll in an online Minute taking class where you can access the content online, or enroll in a classroom Minute taking class where the course is taught in a classroom setting at a specific location.

It is ideal for those who are in a secretary or minute-taking role and want to improve their minute taking skills. A course can also be suitable for anyone who is just starting to take minutes and is unsure of where to start. This will be especially useful for those who feel anxious or confused, as well as anyone who wants to improve their ability to take and keep detailed notes.

Training courses can be both interactive and practical, with learning methods that suit all learning styles. You will have the opportunity to work in pairs or groups, and all participants will be able to share their challenges and concerns in a supportive setting.

Hire A Professional Team For Training

Through a series discussions with minute-taking experts from the corporate and non-profit sectors, we have developed our training on how to take minutes. This guide provides current expert advice on all aspects of the process, from the preparation of the agenda to the storage and retrieval of the final documents. It also contains a wealth of useful tips about how to avoid common pitfalls when taking minutes of meetings.

A one-day course will provide practical guidance on how you can overcome the challenges faced by minute-takers and achieve accuracy in your minute-taking process. Participants will be able to build a personal toolkit that will increase their confidence when writing precise minutes. For more information on our tailored training or minute taking courses contact our team for more assistance.

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