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Skills Employers Look For


Employability skills refer to the qualities, skills, and attitudes employers consider essential for their work environment. These are core skills and characteristics that are required for almost every job. These skills are what make an employee desirable in an organisation. These skills are what hiring managers look for in employees.

Soft skills are essential for employers. They allow you to communicate well, work with others and solve problems. These skills also include professional skills that will help you succeed in the workplace. These skills are transferable because they can be applied to any job.

Employability skills are those general skills that make an individual attractive to a hiring company. These skills go beyond experience and qualifications. They are essential for almost all jobs. These soft skills can be applied to any industry and are known as transferable skills.

The Top Skills Employers Want to See in a Hiring Manager

Employers will quickly notice your most valuable skills by reviewing your cover letter and resume. Employers will be more attracted to candidates whose skills are relevant. There are specific skills that are required for each job and industry, but there are core competencies that are applicable to all occupations. These skills are crucial for employees who want to be employable.

Leadership skills

These soft skills are what employers seek in applicants and can be useful at all levels of your professional career. Leadership skills are essential for managing teams and ensuring tasks are completed on time. You can add common leadership skills to your resume such as active listening, dependability and the ability to receive and give feedback.


Graduate employers are increasingly looking at this as a way to assess your ability to handle setbacks. How do you deal with stress situations and when things go wrong? What are your strategies for dealing with unexpected problems or changes that may occur in a project?

Teamwork and interpersonal skills

Employers will look at how you contribute to achieving shared goals. Employers will look at your individual contribution to achieving common goals.

A strong work ethic

Strong work ethics is another great skill to emphasize when applying for jobs. Employers are looking for employees they can trust to complete their tasks and meet deadlines. A strong work ethic will ensure that you are able to complete your tasks and manage your time effectively, even when there is no one watching.

Oral & Written Communication Skills

It is easy to send a quick message to friends and family using text messaging. However, you may not use proper grammar. This can lead to a decrease in your oral or written communication skills. A lack of face-to-face conversations is another way that communication skills can be affected.

Organisational Skills

It’s about showing employers that you can prioritize, work efficiently, and be productive, as well as how you manage your time. Employers will appreciate your ability to demonstrate how you prioritise and accomplish what you need.

Problem-solving Skills

It is important to show that you can use logic and analysis to solve problems. You should also demonstrate that you are able to approach problems from multiple angles.

Skills in critical thinking

Employers are looking for applicants who are able to “think on their own” and analyze the situations they face in the workplace. There are many opportunities for critical thinking in the psychology program. These skills are invaluable.

Technology Skills

Learning and practicing technology skills is the best way to acquire them. This skill can be improved through practice and learning.

  • Enrol in a technology program
  • Try out new technology and apps in your everyday life
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology within your industry
  • You will be able to confidently present your knowledge and soft skills at your interview. You’ll still have to work hard and finish your education.

How to make your skills stand out

Once you’ve identified your employability skills and the ways you can improve them you will need to highlight these in your job application.

Add skills to your resume: Employers will be able to see that you have the relevant keywords. They can also increase the chances of your application being seen electronically.

Show don’t tell – If you are interviewing for a job or seeking a promotion in your current position, make sure you use your interpersonal skills to make an impression.

Last Thought

Many hiring managers only spend a few minutes looking through resumes before making a decision on whether to add a candidate to their shortlist or reject them. Employers today look for both soft and hard skills in your resume. Stand out with a training course for interviews or learn some additional soft skills to beef up your resume.

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