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Personal resilience

Personal resilience What is resilience? Psychologists define resilience to be the ability to adapt well to adversity. Resilience can be described as “bouncing back” after these painful experiences. However, it can also include profound personal growth. Although life may not be mapped out, everyone will encounter twists and turns. These include everyday challenges, life-altering accidents, …

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Becoming Resilient at work

Becoming Resilient at work How can you build resilience at work How you think, act and behave will determine your ability to deal with uncertainty, pressure and adversity. These habits can be learned by anyone and any person. Resilience does not come naturally to everyone. Resilience is an active quality and not a passive trait. …

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Building Resilience at work

Building Resilience at work Resilience refers to the ability to bounce back from the inevitable challenges of life. Employees are exposed to a variety of stressors in the workplace. What is resilience at work? What is the point of resilience in the workplace? Are people able to become more resilient? Resilience is a skill. Resilience …

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