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Most large tasks in most workplaces are usually designated as projects; big, complicated, and usually done in many stages. It requires a lot of different people doing a lot of different things at different times, usually done over a long period of time which may take days, months, even years to finish. Tasks like these are much more common that you would think and in fact form the backbone of most work done in a workplace. Dividing labor, working on multiple facets of a project at once, all working toward a common goal are staples of any workplace.

As with most things however, there are some large and scary pitfalls and large and complicated processes are no exception; in fact due to the number of people involved and the number of jobs being done at the exact same time, the chances of something or other going wrong is increased exponentially even if looked at from a purely statistical point of view. And that’s just on the micro level of the proceedings, on the macro level it gets even worse as managing this proverbial concerto of work and action is a tremendous effort in itself.

Large scale operations are a staple of the workplace and for even smaller organisations are vital to their very operation, if not continued existence. This does however present a challenge, as it requires a specialist to perform correctly. Someone what can coordinate a large number of people and orchestrate their many different jobs in a manner that is quick, efficient, and meets deadlines without sacrificing quality and ensuring that everyone working on the project is in good shape. Paramount Training and Development provide a Project Coordinator Training module to meet the demands of the workplace and allow willing and able learners to perform this vital role.

Projects big and small make up a surprising amount of work done in the workplace; whether as part of day to day operation, or a consistent goal being followed up on by everyone present in the workplace to conduct an expansion or something. Projects, especially the larger ones, typically employ hundreds if not thousands of people to do their various specialised tasks and contribute to a larger plan than themselves; and the project itself can benefit the people affected by it in the long run by giving them employment in the short term or drastically changing the local environment to their and their peers’ benefit. To properly execute this however requires a specialist that can coordinate the combined effort of these many individuals and set their efforts and a business’s resources towards a common goal. Here at Paramount Training in Development we’ve developed a Project Coordinator Training module to meet this demand.

Project Coordinator Training Outline

Study and evaluate their project

First things first with any project is to know what the project is supposed to be, what its intended goals are, and how it is to be executed. This is the foundation of any and every major work from any sized business. It dictates everything from the budget a coordinator can work with, to the manpower at their disposal, and in most cases the time-table they have on hand. It’s a simple task most of the time but in Project Coordinator Training it forms the basis, the foundation of all their future work. Hence why the learners are instructed how to study and evaluate their works beforehand to ensure that what they have planned is within their means.

Organise and allocate resources

Whether in the construction of buildings or in the creation of a project, one of the first things one must do is to find out what they have on hand and sort these out in a logical fashion so resources with similar and sometimes interchangeable elements can be used to their full – albeit not always optimal – potential. This not only means the raw materials needed – if any are needed at all – but also human resources available as having more specialists can broaden their options. This process is vital as it allows one to find out what you have most and therefore what you can focus on, what your deficiencies are, and what you need to overcome these deficiencies. Project Coordinator Training teaches learners how to perform this evaluation quickly and efficiently.

Create a multi-stage plan to execute the project

Most plans, especially great undertakings that encompass a huge timespan and require dozens if not hundreds of specialists to perform, are usually done in stages. These stages can focus on very different things and require a different set of people and materials to work on, and usually needs to be set under a reasonable timeframe so both their work and the intended goal of the overall project can be created and met at a reasonable time. There are strategies and methodologies involved in this process that can allow a Project Coordinator to do this multi-stage organisation in a quick and efficient manner. These will be taught to them in this training module through lectures and/or experimental procedures with the goal of giving them a more hands-on experience.

Encourage sustainability and flexibility

No matter how optimised a project, there will always be that minor fault, that additional percentile, that extra cent that can be saved that will make the business run more smoothly in the long run. Additionally, the system(s) made for the project and its many components do not exist in a vacuum and instead exist in the same world as we do. One of the things that is constant about this world is its dynamism and constant need for constant change; this means opportunities can rise up just as quickly as once-reliable sources of resources dry up and makes adaptation or substitution a necessary component to survive its absence. This careful juggling act is taught to trainees of Project Coordinator Training with the hope that they can make their systems not only sustainable but also arm them with the tools they need to adapt to the changing environment that their businesses are built upon.

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Customising your training session has never been so easy. Our team of developers can help form a workbook to suit you. By making preset training sessions entirely your own via customization you can increase the effectiveness of the session. Here, you will be able to modify how our trainer delivers discussions, change activities, liven up the workbook with your specific colours, and various other methods. Whatever your specifications, our team of experts will be more than ready to coordinate with you in providing the best possible learning experience for your team.

In-House Customised training benefits:

  • Flexible length – You choose the length of the session
  • Highly Effective Team/Industry Specific
  • Certificate of Completion (Professional Grade)
  • Create a Team Building environment
  • Cost effective – Group rate discount
  • Printed courseware (No need to download or use an App to read)

Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Another way of articulating our philosophy is by giving you the absolute freedom to create your own content. Whether it means giving us a simple list of your theoretical expectations, or a more comprehensive one covering everything from page design, page limits, putting which data on which section of the workbook, our teams will be more than ready to provide you with a workbook that delivers your highest expectations. This way, you can be sure that your team is given the best possible training experience; whatever your training desires are, we shall translate into a winning formula for your company. Our writers can write your content, our researchers can develop areas of data, and our design team will make it look the part. Your session, you can own the rights to the content and deliver time and time again. Contact us for more details on a workbook written and created just for you.

Instructor Led Online

Download Certificate of Completion $495 inc GST
Printed and Posted Certificate of Completion $515 inc GST

We provide this course as an online assisted course. You provide the date and time, we provide the trainer and material. Great for regional business or employees that are at multiple premises. The benefits of booking an online assisted or instructed led training session is you don’t have to wait for a specific date or course to come up. We book in a time available to you. Same course as a workshop but just for you and online instead.

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