Retail Customer Service Skills

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Retail Customer Service Skills

coursedetailsThere are many outstanding retail employees. Amazing retail employees can be both born and created. Retail managers should be able to identify the potential talent of their employees and help them develop it.

Soft skills are often overlooked by hiring managers when they hire sales associates. This is a huge oversight. Although sales associates can learn techniques such as closing sales on the job, you cannot teach someone who is withdrawn to be outgoing and empathetic.

What are Retail Skills?

Skills that allow you to sell products to customers are known as retail skills. These skills are needed for many retail jobs such as cashier sales associate, retail buyer and retail manager. Retail work requires you to be able interact with customers and understand numbers.

Customer service refers to the act of offering support to customers, both current and prospective. Customer service representatives are often available to answer customers’ questions via phone, email, chat, or social media. They may also create documentation to support self-service.

Retail customer service skills are required

  • A sales associate’s most important trait is their desire to help others. Retail is an industry that focuses on making customers’ lives easier through one product. Retail employees are great at understanding the needs of customers and finding ways to make them happy.
  • Empathy is a quality that allows employees to put themselves in the shoes of customers and understand their needs. Empathy is the foundation for incredible active listening skills. Experts have identified it as the key to saving brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Excellent customer service skills require patience. Sometimes you’ll need to deal with customers who take things slow and expect you to keep up with their pace. You might be faced with a customer who wants you to sprint to the back ten more times in order to find the perfect product.
  • Retail is a people-oriented business. Everyone who enters a sales office must feel welcomed and loved by the associates. All sales and customer service skills are built on friendliness.
  • Retail associates need to be able manage multiple customers simultaneously, as well as take care of go-backs. Employees must be able prioritise customers and perform other tasks. It is quite common for multiple customers to seek your assistance at once, so employees need to be able handle this.
  • Retail is a challenging industry. Retail is a tough industry. Employees need to be able to bounce back when they face difficult customers. To weather sales slumps, associates must also be resilient. Your employees must be able to bounce back from downturns in sales.
  • All salespeople and customer service representatives need to be able to listen actively. Although it is not an easy skill to master, practice will help you become a better active listener.
  • Modern shoppers are highly educated and many believe they know more than their retail associates. Your team needs to have the industry knowledge necessary to engage savvy shoppers. It is no longer sufficient to be knowledgeable about products as many clients do their research online. Associates in-store must be experts in their field and be able to provide valuable information that is not available elsewhere. Adding Value to the customer interactions.
  • In today’s marketplace, it can be very valuable to tell engaging and accurate stories about your brand and products. These products are often commoditised, so it is important to share stories with shoppers that they can relate too.
  • Retail associates with the best taste and style are among the most successful. They are able to identify which items work well together and use this skill to help shoppers make informed purchases.
  • Another important skill is the ability to comprehend tech such as mobile devices and retail systems. Inefficiencies and mistakes could be caused by a lack of knowledge in retail technology. If an associate doesn’t understand the POS system, it could lead to delays in checkout, which can result in customer dissatisfaction.
  • As influencer marketing and social media become more popular, associates might be called upon to act as brand ambassadors and promote retailers on social media.
  • Sales associates are often faced with a lot. Even though you might have the perfect pitch for a client, someone else may be able to break the mold. You need to be flexible because they have different needs and objections.

Additional Advice For Retailers And Employers

retail customer service

It is important to keep ahead of industry trends and developments to improve your knowledge and become invaluable to your industry. Follow experts, attending trade shows and events. You and your team will be able to develop and maintain your industry knowledge by engaging in these learning activities every day.

Customers will expect your employees to communicate clearly with them. They will be greeting them, answering their questions, and explaining to them why your product will solve their problem.

All salespeople must be quick learners. Your team should be able to quickly learn new products as soon as they arrive on the floor. Industry knowledge and products are constantly changing. If someone can’t quickly learn new information, they won’t be able to help their customers.

Sales can be a stressful job. Sales associates need to be able listen to customers and make small talk while discussing products. They should also be able find products that are a good fit for them, keep an eye out for new customers, and know when to push to close.
Multitasking is a key skill that will make you a success in this role.

Training For Retail Customer Service

Make sure to provide regular training for your employees, and track sales performance as well as hours worked.

Different learning methods and tools are available. Different learning styles and methods work differently do be prepared to adapt.  For example: A series of videos can be shown to new recruits that provide a lot information about the sales cycle, store policies and other important things. This helps younger generations in the industry stay focused whilst learning. These videos can save you a lot time in training staff.

We have a range of training programs with either a Retail Sales Focus or a Retail Customer Service Focus. Learn more about our training or courses by calling our team.

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