Business Problem Solving

Business Problem Solving Training

Are you looking for a team of problem solvers that can define, analyse and deliver the necessary solutions? It turns out there are certain individuals with specific natural aptitudes who excel in this arena. But is their success due to unique personalities or could it be an acquired skill set? Discover what lies beneath these professionals’ abilities to quickly move through challenging problems!

With our Business Problem Solving Training, teams can confidently tackle any problem. This course helps create an innovative mindset so participants are able to view challenges like a puzzle that they have the power to solve– no matter how complex! With more comprehensive approaches and deeper visualisations of issues, successful outcomes become easier than ever before.

Working smarter to improve team efficiency is a daily goal. By gaining insight on the fundamental elements of problem solving and making informed decisions, teams can experience increased productivity and a more motivated workplace. This session will help them build upon their already existing skillset for optimal workplace growth – enabling higher levels of proficiency in resolving critical issues independently.

This training course will provide employees with the skills to think outside-the-box and develop an innovative mindset, creating solutions that unlock new opportunities.

Quick glance at the objectives:

Did you know there are problem solving styles? In this first section we discuss how the problem solving styles differ and how to use these to become better at solving issues.

A real model that is applicable and not a theory based model. It is the very basis for informed and consistent problem-solving.

We may have heard of the famous DeBono’s six thinking hats. This provides and overview and helps participants learn more about the uses of the different thinking styles.

Of course no problem solving training session would be complete without the tips and tools to look and think outside the box.

What happens when people become involved? Learn more about how human error could be an area for concern and to prevent problems occurring.

Being resourceful will help you to adapt and find solutions on the spot. This skill is a great skill to help with fluctuating causes.

Identifying their skills and problem solvers
Conducting team meetings
Identifying the corporate culture
Identify and evaluate alternatives that are available
Powerful problem solving approaches
Work through the problem-solving process of identifying the issue, generating and implementing a solution, and confirming the elimination of the problem.
Discussing successful problem solving strategies
Convey the determination
Discussing forecasting techniques
Turn problems into alternatives that are innovative.
Gathering advice
Creating solutions
Use lateral thinking
Choose, advocate and have the capacity to justify an alternative
Practice the steps to make use of a structured, sequential approach to creative problem solving.
How to tap into the collective wisdom of the group
Find out the best way to define the problem at hand.
Stimulate innovation in the workplace
The 6 step problem
Socialising with team members
Qualitative analysis
Learn the essentials of tactical decision making.
Driving a successful team
Decision making barriers to be beat by learn.
Define the basic problem-solving approaches to effectively identify, manage, and solve issues.
Uncover your unique capability to solve problems and implement new ideas quickly and painlessly.
The best way to help the group learn dialogue and argument, and the right usage of enquiry and advocacy in group discussion
Assess that alternative for effectiveness.
Critical thinking
Using analogies in problem solving
Discussing qualitative analysis techniques
Thinking creatively in problem solving
Fundamentals of problem solving
Combine imagination with demonstrating problem solving skills
Communicating problem solving changes
Practice the phases of decision making and problem solving
Implementing an option
Determine the best way to effectively implement the solution you’ve chosen.
Developing reasoning abilities
Use for identifying options, lateral and creative thinking methods
Use distinct critical thinking and data analysis abilities for example logic reasoning and quantitative analysis
Learn to develop numerous high quality choices and choose the one that is best.
Demonstrate increased ability to execute new thoughts
Create and manage problem solving teams by knowing how exactly to run successful meetings and motivate team members.
Discussing quantitative analysis techniques
Assess alternatives based on threat, impact and feasibility
Identify problem-solving techniques in the corporate world by identifying the crucial skills of a problem solver and knowing about different corporate cultures.
Determining the best option
Think beyond the needs of the present moment
Discussing the problem
The leader’s function as facilitator
In executing new ideas, improve your trust
Supporting team members
Employ techniques for analysing problems, their root cause and impact
Examining fiscal analysis techniques
Measuring alternative success
The corporate problem-solving culture
Handling problem solving teams
Identifying the issues at hand
Learn to to use decision-making strategies to enhance negotiation skills.
Learn to intend, framework, and research choices.
Identify and evaluate alternatives that are available
Discover the way to create ideas that are exceptional in your workplace.
Strategies and instruments for group evaluation and group decision making
Use a structured process for identifying and defining problems
Brain storm notions and produce mind drawings
Getting a shared understanding of the problems to be solved
Learn about the importance of finding common ground
Explore select and the best way to evaluate alternative solutions that are potential.
Use tools that are practical to break the monotony and enjoy finding alternatives.
Discussing mind mapping
Quantitative analysis
Identifying alternative criteria
Handling alternative undertaking
Comprehend idea generation techniques
Managing problems
Developing sense abilities
The best way to help the group reach consensus determinations when distinct interests are at stake
Identifying problems
Realize right brain vs left brain and how we use them to solve problems.
The best way to avoid “group-think” by empowering individuals to talk freely
Monitor and evaluate the decision
Committing to a solution
Problem solvers
Verifying issue removal
Develop amazing methods to come up with thoughts
Examining the scenario
Building a problem-solving team
How to help the group use systems thinking to solve the serious underlying difficulties
Develop creativity in yourself and your team
Understand and comprehend the principles of creative thinking utilising the creative process.
Examine tools for creating possible solutions to the issue.
Use creative thinking exercises

The Problem Solving Model

Learn more about this step by step model to guide your team through a structured problem solving procedure. All too often, people leap to a solution from a difficulty. It is often a solution that’s short -lived or creates numerous other problems within the organisation. The Problem Solving Model provides a road map to constant improvement and our trainer will develop more in this part of the session.

Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking-Outside-the-Box refers to the capacity of companies and individuals to see any situation from new and unique viewpoints. In addition, it describes the capacity of people and business to act effectively on these perspectives that are innovative and new. This session will offer the opportunity for participants to learn various techniques to empower them to think outside the box and become innovators.

The best way to think outside the box

Supervisors, managers, teams and other staff assemble a creative problem solving approach to help provide better ideas, choices and alternatives. Learn more about the tips to help you increase your skills in this area. We help participants look outside the box for clarity and greater depth.

Human Error and Relationship Problem Solving

Solving human caused mistakes is a fundamental part of life, and during this session we will discuss with participants various techniques which can be applied to these areas.

Edward De Bono’s Six Hats

The De Bono Hats system (also known as “Six Hats” or “Thinking hats”) is a thinking tool for group discussion and individual thinking. Combined with the idea of parallel thinking which is connected with it, it provides a means for groups to think together more effectively, and a means to plan procedures in a way that are more detailed and cohesive.

Problem Solving Toolkit

In this session we’ll prepare participants with a ‘toolkit’ of problem solving strategies and techniques. We also provide a group discussion, role plays and examples to provide the experience within the training and help participants become familiar with the tools.

The Problem Solving Model

Problem Solving Styles – You solve problems every day. Often, you are “under the gun”, stressed and very short for time. Therefore, when you run into a new issue or decision you have to make, you may react with a conclusion that appeared to have been successful before. It is not difficult with this specific tactic to get stuck in a circle of solving the same problem over and over again. In this session we will exhibit various problem solving styles which can be more productive in the workplace.

Looking for something different?

Our problem solving sessions are tailored to provide your company with the tools and resources it requires for success. We adjust our workbook materials accordingly so that you gain insights into how best to tackle every unique issue faced in a memorable, meaningful way.

Fulfill your business’ potential by taking advantage of our training course, where you’ll develop advanced problem-solving and support skills that can strengthen the performance of your team. Get a free customised outline today – simply call 1300 810 725 to learn more!

Now available all cities in Australia including Parramatta, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast.

Business Problem Solving Training Outline

Course Overview

On the day of the workshop we will take some time to introduce ourselves and discuss what we can expect from this training. Additionally participants will have the opportunity to share their individual learning goals, which’s a chance to understand how they hope to grow during these upcoming days.

Topics covered in this course


We will explore the world of problem solving and decision making in this course by understanding what these disciplines involve. Participants will also enhance their skills through a case study while discovering the eight elements, for definition building.

Getting Real

Participants will assess their problem solving skills through a assignment review. This activity aims to provide insights into their approach towards challenges and solutions development.

The Problem Solving Model

During this session participants will gain insights into a three phase model applicable, to any issue. They will then apply this knowledge by working on two real world case studies and witnessing results in action!

The Toolkit, for Problem Solving

During this session we will delve into a variety of problem solving and thinking tools. We’ll cover seven ones, two approaches (levels of service and fishbone analysis) as well as brainstorming and brainwriting. These powerful solutions will help you tackle your toughest business challenges successfully!


With the knowledge you’ve gained far we’ll put these concepts to work through a case study.

Getting Familiar with SWOT Analysis

Discover how SWOT analysis can assist your organisation in solving business problems. This session provides guidance on developing strategies that lead to outcomes.

Enabling Effective Group Decisions

Effective group problem solving is crucial for teams. In the segment we’ll discuss the components needed to make it happen.

Analysing and Selecting Solutions

During this part of the session we will focus on making decisions – the step, in our problem solving process. Lets explore how sound judgments can lead to results!

Planning and Organisation

In this course participants will become master problem solvers by learning how to plan and organize solutions effectively for any challenge that may arise. They will also become analysers by completing follow up assessments on their results and adapt quickly when faced with change. Finally they can celebrate success once everything comes together!

Wrapping up the workshop

Once the workshop comes to an end participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and come up with a plan that outlines their actions.

Learning Outcomes

Customised Training Session For Teams (Included No Charge)

Don’t settle for generic! At Paramount, we customise training manuals to suit your team’s needs. Our content experts can work with you directly to develop modules and activities that match the individual requirements of those they are designed for. Get ready – it’s time to experience The Paramount Difference; book now!

In-House Customised training benefits:

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Creating Content (Contact us for Quotation)

Get the perfect training package for your needs created with our courseware creation service. Our experienced team of writers, researchers and designers can craft a custom workbook that provides local case studies or industry-specific examples catered to fit any objective you have in mind. Reach out today to ask one of us how we’re ready to help take care of it all!

Instructor Led 1 on 1 Workshop

Take your training to the next level with one of our expert trainers! Get tailored instruction that is specifically designed for you and perfectly fits into your schedule; no need to wait, book in now! Our course will be conducted online over Zoom for 4-6 hours on a date selected by you.

1 Hour Instructor Led Session

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