Cultural Awareness

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Cultural Awareness

coursedetailsCultural awareness means understanding and recognising that each person has different values, influenced by their cultural backgrounds. One country’s ‘normal’ behavior may be completely different from another.

Respecting others’ opinions, rights and feelings allows us to build better personal and professional relationships. We also benefit from cultural diversity.

What are the benefits to cultural awareness?

It is a gift to be aware of other cultures. This facilitates effective communication between people from all walks of the world. You can open your mind to other cultures and be a caregiver for people from all walks of life.

Cultural awareness is not only a vital aspect of intercultural communication, interaction, but it also helps people to become more in-tune with their own culture and those around them.

Cultural awareness can help you understand your own behavior, values, beliefs, and unique world view. Cultural awareness is the ability to be aware of all cultures and their impact on you and others. Self-reflection is an essential step towards cultural awareness. For many, it’s a rewarding and meaningful way to reflect on their culture and how it impacts their lives.

istockphoto xRespect others

Respecting the environment and others makes our lives easier. These exercises are a great way to get your students talking about how they can show respect for others, their community, and the wider world.

Self-awareness, respect

Respecting others is an essential personal skill. Students will learn practical ways to show respect and understand why it is important. They will also practice vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills.

Be Mindful

We are able to attend fully and attentively to client interactions as well as our private events in real time, without judgment or evaluation.

Developing Cultural Awareness

Talking about client interactions with professionals in groups, journal discussions, mentorship meetings and verbal feedback sessions is one way to increase cultural awareness. It was suggested that Cultural awareness can be achieved by talking about our behaviors. Research from behavior analysis has shown that individuals can change their behavior by verbally describing it. Talking with colleagues and mentors can help behavior analysts gain insight into themselves and change cross-cultural interactions.

Last Thoughts

Cultural awareness is the ability to perceive, sense, feel and directly know the whole way of life of a particular group of people. This includes everything they think, say, do and make, their systems, attitudes, and feelings.

It is crucial that communication be clear and understandable throughout assessment and treatment. It is also important to think about who will be filling out service-related forms. Also, consider whether comprehension and literacy levels of the language used in these forms are comparable. Completing paperwork can be embarrassing, intimidating, and difficult if a person does not have sufficient language comprehension.

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