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Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness Cultural awareness means understanding and recognising that each person has different values, influenced by their cultural backgrounds. One country’s ‘normal’ behavior may be completely different from another. Respecting others’ opinions, rights and feelings allows us to build better personal and professional relationships. We also benefit from cultural diversity. What are the benefits to …

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Shifting the culture of a team

Shifting the culture of a team Culture change is often essential for organisations looking to be more innovative and agile. The most difficult part of a transformation is creating and maintaining long-term changes. If your company has been focused on efficiency and operational predictability, innovation and agility will require new behaviours from employees. Culture change …

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Intercultural Communication Skills

Intercultural Communication Skills Intercultural communication requires knowledge and skills. Intercultural communication requires empathy and understanding. This skill is vital for all who work across continents or countries, as well as those working in multinational companies. Intercultural communication begins with the belief that constructive communication is better than misunderstandings or breakdowns. Anyone who works with people …

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Building a Workplace Culture

What is Organisational Culture? An organisation’s culture can be defined as its underlying beliefs, assumptions and values, and the ways in which they interact that create a unique social and psychological environment. The organisation’s culture is a combination of its expectations, beliefs, philosophy and values. It can be expressed in members self-image, inner workings and …

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