Becoming Personable At Work

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Being personable at work

What is a Personable Individual?

People who are personable and know how to keep others’ attention are great communicators. Leadership strength is being personable. When looking for the best work, personable leaders are open to accepting employees as they are. You can also be someone that your coworkers can trust when they need you.

You can be friendly, positive, sincere, and a pleasure to work with without having to divulge too much about your personal life. Trust and morale are improved by building genuine relationships in the office. However, it can backfire if you share too much sensitive or personal information. You may paint a negative picture of yourself that could lead to a poor impression. It is important to build a real bond with coworkers, without having to share too many details.

People who are very personable use verbal signals as a way to show they are listening. People say things such as “Wow!”, “That’s really interesting”, or “amazing!” Positive words signal that they are paying attention. It makes people feel important.

Things highly personal people do differently

1. Keep positive

2. Use body language to communicate

3. Verbally communicate

4. Encourage conversation

5. Show empathy

7. Keep these things in mind when you think about people

8. Use touch

9. Listen

10. Ask for help and be kind to others

11. Be consistent

personable skills

Simple ways to make yourself more popular

1. People are best known by their first name. People love to hear their names. They don’t like being called by their title or not at all. It makes someone feel special to be called by their name. It also shows you care about them as individuals and not just in the contexts of a need.

2. Find the positives in every situation. Pessimists won’t make friends. Negative feelings about a situation can cause you to be irritated and even worse, it can lead to a downturn in the mood within the company. Look for the positive aspects of every situation and never forget to smile. Smile and make positive comments about every situation that you come across.

3. When possible, avoid competition. Workers are constantly competing for promotions, recognition and, sometimes, just for their pride. People will turn against you if you are seen as a competitor. Do not create unnecessary competitions on a large or small scale.

4. Offer help and ask for favors. Humans are social creatures and can help each other. Help others in need and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

5. Connect with people with Touch. It must be used carefully though as you can get in trouble in the workplace for touching a person inappropriately. To show empathy, support or reinforce a point, shake hands with people. Don’t be too enthusiastic though. Relaxed body language can help. Waiters for example touch customers on their arm or elbow when seating them, and because of this touch they often get a tip and connect with their customers more.

How to keep it professional while still being yourself at work

Learn self-knowledge. Ask your coworkers for feedback on how they perceive you. Next, consider reflecting on your professional and personal history as well as past successes and failures. Use these as a guideline to help you choose the stories you will share at work.
Be clear about the purpose of your stories. Consider the purpose of sharing personal information. Sharing personal stories about yourself should not be done to make friends at work but a good opportunity to get to know your coworkers.
Be honest. Don’t embellish personal information to fit the purpose. You will be exposed, and that can hurt your credibility at work. It is better to tell the truth and use it for the message that you want to send.


One of the most powerful tools you have in your business is being personable. The simplest things can make a big difference in your work and everyday life. Smiles are one of the most simple things that a person can do.  There are many different small things you can do to help connect with others in the workplace. To learn more about different personalities, communication or connecting with others contact our team for more information and a tailored training session.

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