Dress and Grooming for Work

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istockphoto xDress and Grooming for Work

We’ve all heard the phrase “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” This is a key point to remember when meeting with potential employers. Your chances of getting hired will be greatly affected by the picture you paint. Employers form their first impression within seven seconds of meeting. In this brief time, not much can be said; employers judge early on purely on the appearance of an individual. Studies show that employers are always asking the question “Does this person look right for the job?”

It is important to feel good about yourself and project a positive image. You will naturally project confidence and a positive outlook if you feel good about yourself. These nonverbal messages are just as important as your verbal communication skills in selling your qualifications in interviews. For a job search to be successful, persistence and following up are key factors. Plan your follow-up if you’re serious about finding employment. There is no such thing as wasted effort. The only dead lead is one you choose to kill. Things change, and an employer may hire someone who matches your qualifications later.

Interviews are not a contest for beauty, but the interviewer will notice how you dress and what your overall appearance is. Do not give the interviewer an opportunity to dismiss you because you don’t have time to iron your shirt or polish your shoes. You will look professional and businesslike at interviews.

How to dress and groom for work

Always strive to look your best. Keep your clothes clean and neat. Make sure your clothes are clean, neat, and well-pressed. Don’t wear casual, wrinkled or sloppy clothing. Every day, wash your hair, shave and brush your teeth. Wash your hair often and use deodorant. Make sure that you don’t make your hair too greasy or distracting by using aftershave or cologne.

  • Keep your hair style conservative. Your hair should be kept short, with a tapered cut at the sides, top, and back.
  • Sideburns should not reach lower than the middle ear.
  • Except for authorization by your mission president, facial hair is strictly forbidden.

Last Thoughts

Your personal grooming is as important as your clothes. Even though you may have the best clothes, poor hygiene can make it difficult to project the image that you want. Before meeting with your employer, make sure you review the grooming checklist.

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