Goal Setting

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Techniques for Setting Goals

Techniques for Setting Goals What is Goal Setting? Goals can motivate us and help us to organize our thoughts. However, goal setting is often dismissed in evolutionary psychology. Goal-setting theory explains that goal setting is a conscious activity and an efficient and effective way to increase productivity and motivation in the workplace. Setting goals will …

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How To Set Better Goals

How to set better goals What is Goal Setting? People may struggle to stick with goals because they aren’t able to distinguish between their goals and more casual self-improvement efforts. It doesn’t mean that you have to run every day just because you want to. Let’s look at what goal setting is. Setting goals is …

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The Benefits Of Goals

Goal Setting Benefits Setting goals is an intentional and specific process. It starts by identifying the new goal, skill or project that you want to reach. You then create a plan to achieve it and work towards it. Setting goals allows you to take control over your life and work. You can focus by setting …

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