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Planning Tips

Planning Tips What is planning? Planning is the act of organising the activities that will lead to the desired goal. It relies on planning and, at the very least, mental time travel. Human evolution has been driven by the evolution of our ability to think ahead. Planning is the core function of management. It involves …

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Business Planning Techniques

Business Planning Techniques   What is a Business Plan? A business plan describes how a startup will achieve its goals and outlines its objectives. The business plan is a written blueprint for the company’s marketing, financial and operational goals. What is Business Planning? There are many ways business planning can be done. Business planning is …

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Project Planning

Project Planning What is Project Planning? Project planning is used to organise various areas of a project. This includes project plans workloads and management of individuals and teams. An activity network diagram allows for the identification of critical paths and the logical dependencies between tasks. Because project planning must be completed before the project can …

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Presentation Planning

Presentation Planning If you let it be, preparing a presentation can seem overwhelming. These steps and strategies will help you to break down what might seem like a daunting task into smaller, more manageable ones. Your audience should remember your presentation and take action. A clear understanding of your audience and the goals you have …

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Planning your workday

Planning your workday Here’s a map that will help you plan your workday Many people start their day by reviewing the tasks that are swirling in our heads. Many of the tasks are a mix of emails and projects. It can all feel like a priority. It can be overwhelming. And trying to understand it …

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