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Building Employee Relationships

Building Employee Relationships Employee relations (ER), refers to the company’s efforts in building, strengthening, and maintaining positive relationships between employees, their employer, and their family. This is also known as employee relationship management. Its primary purpose is to strengthen the employer-employee bond by identifying and solving workplace problems, increasing employee satisfaction, and providing support for …

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Negative feedback

Negative feedback What is Feedback?   Feedback is the term used to describe helpful information and criticism regarding an individual’s behaviour or prior actions. It can be communicated to another person (or group) to help them adjust or improve their current or future actions. Not all feedback has to be positive. Negative feedback helps us …

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Effective Feedback Techniques Short Courses Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Brisbane

Effective Feedback Techniques

What is Feedback? Managers and employees all over the globe may fear giving or receiving feedback. Honest feedback is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your team. It doesn’t always have to be negative too. According to employee experience, employees choose to receive constructive or negative feedback differently. Positive feedback can …

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