Change Management

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How to manage changes

How to manage changes What is Change Management? Management of change draws upon theories from many disciplines including psychology, engineering, and systems thought. There are many models available. All theories on change management agree that change cannot be achieved in isolation. Change impacts all employees and the entire organisation in some way. However, with effective …

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Tips to Adapt to Change

Tips to Adapt to Change What is adaptation? Evolutionary adaptation (or simply adaptation) is the adaptation of organisms to their environment to increase their survival chances. It refers to the ability of an organism’s physical or behavioral characteristics to help it survive in its environment. All living things adapt to their environment. They have unique …

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Change Management Essentials

Change Management Essentials What is Change Management? Organisational change is a broad term that describes the actions taken by a company to modify or adapt a significant part of its business. This could include company culture, internal processes and underlying technology, corporate hierarchy or any other critical aspect. Organisational change can either be adaptive or …

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Change Management Techniques for Employees

Change Management Techniques for Employees The process of leading organisational change from conception through implementation is called Change Management. It is more effective to include training and education plans in your change management initiative. Your organisation will be more successful if you encourage employees to learn change management skills. These skills can lead to job …

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