Setting Clear Expectations with Staff

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Setting Clear Expectations with Staff

What are the expectations of staff?

Many business owners neglect to set expectations for their employees. Clarifying expectations for employees will benefit your company and your employees. Your employees need to know what you expect of them as a manager. This is how to set clear expectations for employees.

These are the most common expectations for staff:


The job responsibilities refer to the tasks that the company expects employees to do as part of their job.

Hours of work:

The work hours are the time an employee can expect to be working. The work hours can vary depending on the job. They may be the same or they might change daily to meet company needs.


What the leader can expect from the company is mentorship, supervision, and performance reviews.


The progression expectations are the steps an employee can take to climb the ranks within the company.

It’s crucial to set clear expectations with your stafffrontline blog six ways to set clear expectations for your staff blog

In order to have a professional relationship with a new employee, it is important to explain all aspects of employee expectations. Employees who have unrealistic expectations of their job are more likely to be disappointed in the long-term and to struggle to meet initial expectations.

How to clearly set expectations for your staff

1. Determine your expectations.

Before you can have a dialogue with your staff members, it is important to have a talk with yourself. Write down your realistic expectations.

2. Clear expectations will reduce confusion.

Effective communication is key to success. It will be difficult for staff to fulfill your expectations if they don’t understand what you expect.

3. Establish expectations

You must have clear expectations for each job before you can communicate your expectations to your employees. You should create a list of expectations for each position, including the responsibilities, work hours, leadership, and promotion.

4. Share expectations

Share the list with current employees if they don’t know what their expectations are. Ask questions and clarify any details that are unclear. Expectations should be communicated to new employees as soon as possible. Include key information, such as job duties and hours in the job posting. During the interview, be sure to address all expectations. Discuss the responsibilities of the job with current employees and human resources.

5. Define what they are

To be clear is to show kindness. The first step in setting expectations for employees is to determine what they are before communicating them. Expectations can vary depending on a person’s job and their experience with the company. However, it is possible to create a sense that everyone works together and has a common set of expectations based upon organisational values.

Steps of Setting Clear expectations to your Staff

These are your rights.

If you don’t know what your expectations are, it can be difficult to set clear expectations for others. You are not ready to have this conversation if you don’t know how to express them verbally and on paper. It’s not a clear expectation that “I’ll see it when it’s there” will be the outcome.

Be clear about your expectations.

This was the point of the previous article. In short, consider where the gaps exist – Is it in the work? What will we communicate? How will we communicate? What are the expectations set by the organisation culture?

Learn why.

Clear expectations are good. Giving others context and intent for them will make them easier to understand and follow. This is not about justifying others. It’s about helping people see the larger picture. People will be able to see the bigger picture and make better decisions.

Have a meeting and have a discussion.

After you have completed the first three steps, meet with the other person and discuss your expectations. You run the risk of not having completed the first three steps. Your expectations could be incomplete or unclear. Even better, invite them to meet and encourage them to bring their own preparedness.

Be mutual.

Leaders have expectations that others must know and not guess in order to succeed. You must know what their expectations are of you. It is important to have a conversation about expectations – so you both understand the other’s expectations, and you can work together more towards agreement.

Setting Expectations for Staff: The Why and How

Setting expectations for employees is key to managing and leading a team well. It also helps you develop a culture that holds people accountable. All managers should set expectations within two to four week of an employee’s hiring. If this hasn’t happened, it is perfectly acceptable to set expectations at any time during employment.

Last Thoughts

Communicate and model your expectations consistently. To be a leader, you must communicate your intentions and expectations consistently. These must be communicated at all times, including during team meetings.

Employees can feel empowered by knowing what their new job entails, their work hours, the review process for their work, and whether they will continue working with the company long-term. Employees who feel empowered are more satisfied with their work and more productive than employees who are confused about what to do on the job.

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