How to Enjoy Challenging Tasks

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How to Enjoy Challenging Tasks

It is common to put off challenging tasks we don’t want. It turns out that the act of starting a task can be more difficult than actually accomplishing the task.

It is so difficult to begin. It can cause anxiety, fear, stress, and overwhelm. It can make us feel inadequate or bad about ourselves. It’s almost like opening a box you don’t know will cause you pain. We want to avoid that type of stress.

How to Enjoy Challenging Tasks

No matter how motivated you may be, there are some tasks we don’t like to do. They might be boring, tedious, time-consuming or annoying. How can you move in these situations?

You know what you should do logically. You can’t help but be drawn in by an activity that’s not good for you.

1. Get started with a good start to your day.

You do the same daily activities. It’s difficult to return to the low-dopamine tasks if you start your day with high-dopamine activities. Start your day with the most important tasks. A Productivity Planner can help prioritise. You can finish that report you have been meaning to finish. Do something important that’s on your to-do list.

2. Avoid distractions and do not multitask.

Our performance efficiency and quality can suffer when we are doing multiple tasks simultaneously, or switching between them. Because the tasks share cognitive resources such as working memory, this happens. They will therefore compete for the shared resource and may interfere with each other. It is crucial to avoid multitasking when performing a difficult task.

3. Identify what is difficult.

Instead of saying, “I can’t do it because it’s difficult”, try to identify the part that is most difficult. It is highly doubtful that the whole thing is difficult. The hardest part is getting started. How do you understand the instructions? How do you find the right materials? What is the hardest part? You can identify the difficult part of the task and recognise it, then do the rest and get help for the one you are stuck on.

4. Brainstorm

Our survival as a species depends on our ability to think and use creativity. This single trait of invention was what made early man different from animals and helped us to dominate the planet. Begin any project by brainstorming every possible idea. Allow your ideas and thoughts to flow; this is where your most important ideas will be created.

5. Your day should begin with the most important task

You will feel more productive and motivated throughout the day if you start your day with the most important task, even if it’s the most difficult or boring. It is a good idea that you make your daily to-do lists the night before to achieve this. This will make it much easier to prioritise the unpleasant tasks and will also help you feel more successful by completing them early in the day.

6. Turn Your Boring Tasks Exciting Games

Unmotivated feelings can be a major obstacle. It is impossible to change this by “just doing it” or trying harder. That’s not how people work. I see obstacles as an opportunity to use my creative problem-solving skills. To put the meaning back into motivation, you must let go of how it works for everyone else. You can think outside the box to find a creative, fun, and rewarding way to make it work. I have no doubt you can do it.

7. Diversify your Motivations

It can feel like you are waiting in quicksand to start a task that isn’t interesting. Even if the task isn’t intrinsically interesting, it can be helpful to tap into the satisfaction of completing the task.

8. Keep positive.

Failure is inevitable. But it’s how we deal with it that will determine our success. It is all about building self-esteem by identifying your strengths and then leveraging them. If they didn’t recognise your skills, your employer wouldn’t have offered you a job.

9. Take a walk in the woods.

You can get a lot of exercise and fresh air by getting some exercise. It can be more beneficial to walk in nature than on busy streets. Instead of walking down a busy street, visit a park or botanical garden. You can find the mental relief you need to feel more motivated to get back to work on your project.

Last Thought

Everybody has experienced motivation problems at some point in their lives. It is how you react to your lack motivation that matters. You can be kind to yourself and try new strategies to increase motivation. If you need help, ask one of our team members.

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