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Email Tips

Email Tips We are more comfortable with the improvised back and forth pattern in social media conversations than the preplanned, more concise messages that professionals expect at work. Email writing is essential for business communication, no matter if you are a young professional or a senior manager. It can be difficult because of what is …

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Writing Emails for Impact

Writing Emails for Impact Every letter, memo, email, proposal, and every letter you write says a lot about you and your company. It is important to ensure that every correspondence you send out is professional, crisp, and polished. Email communication is no exception to the rules of professional communication. Clear and concise emails are more …

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Email Inbox Techniques

Email Inbox Techniques Email can be a very useful communication tool if used correctly. Many people feel overwhelmed by all the mail they receive. They need to respond. There are many ways to make your email more productive. We’ll be discussing strategies to help you do this so you can get back to the important …

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Email Marketing Techniques

Email Marketing Techniques What is Email Marketing? Email marketing refers to the practice of mass mailing promotional messages to large numbers of people. It is used to generate leads or sales and may include advertising. Email marketing is one the best ways to reach customers. Email marketing allows you to connect with your customers and promote your …

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Effective Email Writing

How to Write Effective Emails A formal email is usually sent to someone you don’t know or to someone in authority. An example of someone you might send an email to is your professor, a public official or a company that you do business with. Emails have a defined structure. They include a salutation, signature …

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Email Etiquette Techniques

Email Writing Can Be Difficult While instant messaging and SMS/text messaging are starting to replace email as the primary method of communication for some groups, it is important to maintain good email etiquette. This guide will teach you how to be a good writer and reader/manager for email. Research has shown that making mistakes can …

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