Top 10 Customer Service Skills Everyone Needs to Know

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Top 10 Customer Service Skills Everyone Needs to Know

Most businesses these days rely heavily on communicating with their customers in order to be able to deliver the best possible support for all of the products that they offer. For the most part, this means to provide the consumer with a way to contact a representative of their company to get help with an issue that they are having.

For the most part, this is accomplished by setting up people in a room with a phone and a computer. These individuals are specifically trained to field calls from customers that are having some type of issue with their recent purchase or service that was provided by the company. While many companies have unique ways that they handle certain situations, there are a number of skills that are extremely important for every person who is or plans to be a customer service person.

Top 10 Customer Service Skills

Good at listening – First and foremost a good customer service representative has to be a very good listener. This is very important to be able to gather all of the necessary information to be able to help the customer.

Attention to details – it is also important that a person be very attentive and be very detail oriented. This helps to be able to deliver the best possible service as quickly as possible.

Patience is a virtue – Many people seem to want to take their frustrations out on the person on the phone when they have problems with their product or they were not happy with some aspect of their service. So being patient and understanding that the caller is usually upset will help to make the call go easier.

Calm demeanor – Having a calm speaking voice on the phone when dealing with an agitated person can help to make the call go better. Being calm can also help to diffuse a difficult situation which leads to a better outcome.

Good communications – Good communication skills, both verbal and typing is very important to be sure that you get all of the necessary important. Being able to speak clearly without mumbling will make it much easier to get the best outcome.

Customer Service Skills

Be positive – Being able to express yourself in a positive manner makes it much more likely that the outcome of the interaction with the customer will be positive. If your demeanor is perceived as negative at all, it will be seen as hostile by the caller.

Be persuasive – Being persuasive on the phone is very important when you are interacting with a customer. Is important to put the focus on the caller and away from you and this means avoiding interjecting your personal opinions or views.
Manage your time well – It is very important that you are able to effectively manage your time. Not holding onto a call too long when you are not able to help person calling. You need to recognize when it is the right time to pass the call onto the next level in order to best help the customer.

Be responsible – Being able to help the customer by first accepting responsibility on behalf of the company when the customer is having a problem. While they are not actually blaming you, they expect you to resolve their problems as quickly as possible.

Be coachable – Always be ready and willing to make any necessary changes in order to get better. Being coachable is very important, this will help you show the company that you want to help the customers.

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