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Plan your workday to achieve success

“Life happens while we make other plans.” This saying is true in a lot of ways, but it also means that a goal without an action plan is only a wish. If you don’t plan properly, the lines between strategy and idea can blur, causing your future map to be distorted. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to manage an overwhelming workload, create a new habit, or have more fun. Understanding how to plan your day is crucial to take control of your life and get where you want it to go.

How to approach your calendar

You should structure your day so that you have enough time to complete the essential tasks. Your day should begin with the most important tasks, unless you are more productive in the morning. You will be more likely to complete them in the time allotted. If you don’t have enough time, the less important tasks can always be put off until later.

8 Tips to Boost Productivity in Your Workday

Plan Your Workday In Advance

One thing is common among successful people: they plan their workday to minimise the chance of an unexpected event. People take breaks to relax and recharge their batteries. If you pay more attention to your side-activities than you do your actual work, you might be in trouble.

Before you get lost in useless activities, make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed and include your work-related activities. To make your task more efficient, you might also consider allocating time to each task. Each task should be completed as soon as possible.

Multi -Task

If the task is tedious or repetitive, it can become monotonous to stay focused on one task. These tasks can also make it difficult to take breaks when they are not necessary. This reduces productivity and takes up more time. You can manage multiple tasks to avoid wasting time.

Schedule Tasks Based on Importance

People often neglect important tasks or get distracted by other small interruptions. This routine is not harmful, but it can cause brains to become accustomed to this pattern. It is hard to rewire your brain so make it a habit to list your tasks according in importance. It doesn’t matter how many tasks you write each day; only three are necessary.

A schedule will help you stay on track and prevent you from putting off important tasks.

scheduling and planningMake a Checklist

People have a lot of tasks, but lack of planning can lead to a loss of time.

Time management is essential for being more productive in your workday. A checklist can help you not only organise your day, but also save you time. Either you use a traditional checklist maker or you can use various apps to create one.

Never Put Off Important Tasks

Many people have a tendency to put off important tasks until later, particularly those they fear. This is their way to avoid the crucial but important task. Instead of dwelling on this task for hours, it’s better to get it done early. Many people call this “eating the frog” as if you were served dinner and there was a frog on your plate, eating it first would get it done and dusted, leaving the easier or better things on your plate to finish with.

It will make other tasks less difficult if you do the task well. You may also feel proud that you accomplished the difficult task. This will encourage you to be more productive. Reward yourself when you do good things, and you will learn to do more of them.

You can check your email at a designated time

Checking your work email is a great way to reduce productivity. It contains all kinds of emails, including those from clients, co-workers, and supervisors. While many emails only require short responses, some emails will demand your attention. You’ve spent hours trying to find a response before you realise it!

These things happen in the workplace, which is why it’s better to set aside a specific portion of your day for emails. You should also not constantly refresh your messenger to ensure you receive important emails. Setting certain times that you check your email will help become more efficient in the use of your time.

Here’s a tip: Leave your messenger open in background. If the email is urgent, reply immediately. If the reply is not possible, save that email for later.

Batching Similar Tasks

Multitasking is a popular choice for many people. However research shows that multitasking can lead to a 40% decrease in productivity.  Instead of trying to do a few tasks simultaneously, group similar tasks together and complete them within a time limit.

If you have a busy work schedule and need to make several calls per day, you could reserve an hour so that you can place all of your calls within that hour. Its called the “Hour of Power”.

Quick Tips

  • Note down the daily tasks in advance
  • Organise tasks according to priority
  • Give yourself time to complete your tasks
  • Plan for some contingency time
  • Reexamine the items in your planner
  • Write a journal

For more information and assistance with planning your workday, contact our team about our 1 on 1 courses or a tailored approach for your team. We have some online prerecorded sessions available too.

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