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Telemarketing Tips for Small Business

What is Outbound Telemarketing?

Outbound telemarketing is the practice of cold calling a potential customer or client to educate them on a product or service and convince them to purchase it. An outbound telemarketing caller tends to follow a script devised as part of a larger telemarketing campaign. This script will often include instructions on how to respond to questions or objections that a potential customer or client raises.

What is Inbound Telemarketing?

Not every telemarketing campaign is outbound. Inbound telemarketing services also comprise a vital part of any telemarketing campaign. While the primary difference between inbound and outbound telemarketing is that an inbound telemarketing sales team receives calls, whereas an outbound telemarketing sales team focuses on cold calling.

What are Telesales?

Telesales is the selling of products or services through the telephone. As a telesales representative, you reach potential and existing customers directly by phone to encourage them to buy your company’s offers.

The difference between telemarketing and telesales:

While telesales involves selling directly to customers by telephone, telemarketing has a broader scope.

Telemarketers use phone calls to generate interest, offer information, obtain customer feedback and produce leads. The role of telemarketing is to create sales prospects, while telesales converts the opportunities into sales and repeat buyers of a company’s products or services.

Conversing with Customers

The person on the other end may have questions for you. You should be prepared to talk through any issues or concerns they have. If telemarketing were simply a “make a call, get an answer, hang up” proposition, it would be a much faster form of marketing than it actually is, and we wouldn’t need to write much more about it here.

Customers may say No. Truthfully, sometimes the response will be even ruder. Don’t let it upset you. If you feel confident, you can try politely to argue your case, but sometimes a “no” really is a “no”. Imagine the shoe on the other foot, too you don’t say “yes” all the time, do you? Let it go, thank the person for taking the time and try again another day. Telemarketing requires a lot of persistence to produce good results.

Company receptionists are often taught to avoid putting calls through to managers or directors. They’re also often taught to refuse to give out information over the phone. If you find yourself stuck at the gatekeeper (that first point of contact) and have tried a few times, then you can try to get round them.

One of the most common problems with telemarketers is that they do not sound natural. It may take time to learn about the product features and get used to the script, but speaking in a natural tone indicates you can answer the queries of the customers with ease. Often, telemarketers take up too much time to answer genuine questions. Experienced shoppers understand that you are either making up a story or reading from a script, which turns them off. Professionals offering outbound call center services always maintain a human tone and never sound robotic.


Once you have your objective in mind, you can create a small script or scripts that will help you achieve your objective. For example, if you want a few specific e-mail addresses the script might be:

“Hi, my name’s James. I’m calling from Sydney design company XYZ. I’d like to send your marketing manager an introductory e-mail about our services. Could you tell me the name and e-mail address please?” Your script is your guide to how you will conduct the first part of your call. It doesn’t have to be followed perfectly, and you will find that you’ll naturally vary the wording slightly from call to call – it’s just there to remind you of what you want to say, in case you get stuck.

It’s normal to be a little nervous when you first start cold calling; unfortunately, that nervousness can often cause you to blurt out your script rather than relay it in a way the person on the other end of the line can understand.

Dropping your arms to your sides when you get through can create pressure on the diaphragm and help you slow down. With a more natural speed, you’ll sound more sincere. Sincerity works well in conducting business. And it feels good, too.

Common Sense Tips

Whether you get what you wanted or not, always thank the person on the other end for his or her time. It may take many calls to get what you want, and you’ll be remembered, and not in the way you want to be, if you’re not polite. You’re only as good as your last call, and first impressions last. Of course it almost goes without saying you should be polite throughout the entire call, too.

telephone skills training Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Geelong Gold Coast ParramattaTelemarketers often put forward their own opinions before customers ask relevant questions. The problem with these agents is they listen less to the issues customers face and are more interested in selling the product. This creates the impression of a hard-sell policy, which does not leave a favorable impression with your customers. The ideal approach is listening to the customer’s opinion and then putting forward the benefits of your product. Present your product to the customer, listen to what they say, and then back up your intention with the product attributes.

Telemarketers often complete customers’ sentences for them in a way that leads to a different meaning. This hurts the rapport between the customer and the agent. Remember, every customer is unique, and their experience in using a particular product may not be similar to other people’s. Listen to what they are saying and try not to interrupt their speech. It degrades your image as a company’s agent, and the customer may disconnect the call.

Quality calls sell goods. You should eliminate all sorts of filler from your calls. Verbal tics like “oh” and “ahh” decrease the quality of calls. Instead, you should use meaningful words that provide solid support to your logic. After your customer finishes off a sentence, you should think of what you can say that helps to create a favorable impression in their mind and come up with your opinion accordingly.

Goals of Telemarketing

Goals of telemarketers include:

  • Providing the customer with information about a company’s products or services in order to create interest in the brand/
  • Helping telesales teams identify and qualify potential sales leads.
  • Providing reliable and actionable data to support the telesales team to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Pre-qualifying prospects to make the work of sales teams easier

Wrap Up

There’s more to telemarketing than good people skills. As you’ve probably learned along the way, there are skills and strategies you can practice and implement to improve your performance as a telemarketer. While you as a manager may have learned these things already, chances are your team could use some telephone sales training tips to help them boost their numbers and their confidence.

One of the most important aspects of any salesperson is that they are motivated to sell your company’s offering . It’s easy to fall back on monetary incentives to motivate your team, but the reality is that money only goes so far. Especially in today’s world, people want to be passionate about what they do, followed by having opportunities for feedback and promotion. By all means, continue the company outings and other social functions, but remember that rewards will only take you so far.

Motivation is critical because without it, your telephone sales training may fall on deaf ears. If your marketers don’t believe in what they do, they won’t be as concerned with career development, which means they won’t be as concerned about what you have to say. Make sure you not only hire enthusiastic people, but also that you find new ways to gauge and improve their motivation over the duration of their careers.

If you’re serious about phone sales and want to triple the number of calls your team makes in an hour, give us a call and learn more about our training sessions.

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