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Administrative duties require specific skills and experience. Here are some examples of administrative experience that you should look for when looking to hire.

Administrators must be able handle diverse and complex situations simultaneously. Admin Staff manage a busy office that supports the efforts of executives, managers, owners of organisations, or other professionals. Administrators are used for office-related multi-tasking activities and can be found in many business environments. They are responsible for ensuring that customer service and important work is done to the best of their abilities.

Employers are always looking for top-quality business administration skills. What skills do they look for? Below are the essential skills:

1. Solve Problems effectively:

Administrators are often the first to whom colleagues turn for help with their problems, questions, or concerns. Administrators should also be assertive, cooperative, able to evaluate thinking, capable of decision making and able to manage office associations. Candidates who can solve problems quickly and remain calm under pressure are desirable. An overly detailed admin solves problems such as how to adjust the executive’s schedule for unexpected responsibilities. Facilitated conversation and adaptability are the best ways to resolve interpersonal disputes among office staff.

2. Communication Skill:

All  admin must have excellent verbal communication skills. Administrators communicate frequently with customers and colleagues, as well as staff members. However, verbal communication requires a person who is both communicative as well as a good listener. Administrators should be able to communicate clearly and professionally. An admin is able to interact with many people in an office setting and exchange knowledge. They may be responsible for managing mail requests and handling other office tasks. Many office’s senior admin oversee and train new filing clerks, typists and receptionists. This shows that excellent verbal communication skills are essential when performing tasks, giving instructions and reviewing. You can build positive relationships with customers and colleagues by having strong interpersonal skills.

3. Professional Writing Stills

While we live in a digital age, it is still important to be able to communicate effectively via the written word. Your organisation will appreciate you more if you are able to quickly write emails, texts, and other written material.  Administrators are expected to write memos and share information from the company website. Administrators should be able to communicate clearly and professionally.  Effective interpersonal skills are essential for teamwork and positive relationships with customers. Their written communication must be clear, concise, and direct regardless of the medium used. High Level Executives are especially don’t like dissembling, rambling or any other type of run-around. They want clear writing that gets to the point.

4. Technology Awareness:

Administrators need to be familiar with many technologies in order to succeed in their jobs. You should look for members who are proficient in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. They may need to be able to use scheduling programs and learn about specific software such as WordPress as they maybe required to update the business website. Staff members should be good typists. Administrators are responsible for managing office software programs such as spreadsheets, databases and word processing. Microsoft Office Word, Excel PowerPoint, and Publisher are all expected to be proficient. Management will rely on Admin to create professional-looking presentations, newsletters and website content. It is essential that they are proficient in technology. Many business owners expect administrators to be able to send messages via email and social media messaging. Administrators must be familiar with the online programs and office technology.

5: Budget Management

Business Owners need to have another important skill in their team. It is essential that employees have the ability to manage money, from small amounts to large budgets for salaries and other expenses. Keeping track of every dollar that comes in and out of your company account. Administration may also be responsible for making payments to staff for wages or paying bills for the business. It is essential that cash transactions can be tracked and traced back to the source. The best businesses keep track of their costs and profits. Many times, departmental managers are responsible for overseeing parts of an organisation’s budget. Managers who are new may not be able to manage the budget of their department effectively. They need to learn how to become more useful to management.

Summary on Administration:

Three basic skills are required to be a good administrator. They are technical, human and conceptual. Administrators need to have: (a) a strong technical skill to perform the duties that is assigned; (b) good human skills to work with others and be able to create receptive environments within his group; and (c) a solid conceptual skill to show the interrelationships among the various factors in his particular situation. This will allow Administrators to choose the job that is most likely to bring the greatest benefit to the institution.

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