Showing empathy for customer complaints

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Showing Empathy for customer complaints

What is Empathy?

Empathy is simply the ability to use these skills in talking with and interacting with others.

“Affective empathy” refers the feelings and sensations we feel in response to other people’s emotions. “Cognitive empathy,” sometimes called “perspective taking”, refers our ability to recognise and understand others’ emotions.

Cognitive empathy is a key component of customer service and sales. It is possible to deal with customers faster and more efficiently, particularly if they have a complaint or problem.

empathy xEmpathy statements can be used to win customers

It is possible to dramatically improve customer service by spending a few moments building a relationship and expressing genuine empathy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Pay attention to what they say.

2. Although it may sound silly, smiling when you talk to customers can make all the difference.

3. It’s your problem! Take responsibility for the customer’s concerns, especially if they are a complaint. Your customer should have a one-to-1 relationship so they have someone to call.

4. Let them ‘get it all out.’ If the customer is upset, let them vent freely without interruption. While listening to the customer, take the time to find out how you can help.

5. Respect the customer. Do not talk down to customers or speak over them. It’s important to treat it as a professional conversation. Customers will appreciate this.

Empathising has many benefits

It may seem odd that you should spend so much time empathising and working with one customer when you can efficiently solve multiple customer problems.

Empathy has many other benefits than making customers happy.

Empathy statements – Assessing your situation

Agents are required to evaluate the customer’s situation before they can answer their query. Agents should use empathy statements to show their concern and attention to customer queries. Advisors can use these empathy phrases to help them do this:

1. “Is there any thing I can do today for you, big or small?” This will allow the customer to see that you care about their problems and understand them.

2. “Can you tell us a bit more about it?” Having this conversation with the customer demonstrates your curiosity and attentiveness to the subject. This line should be used with respect by advisors.

Why are empathy statements important?

An empathy statement can be described as understanding the experience of your customer in such a way that your thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration.

Empathy statements are a way to show empathy for customer service. Using the right phrases from our empathy word list can make customers feel valued, understood, and validated.

Empathy for customer complaints has many benefits

  • Conversions to sales increase: Understanding your customers’ needs requires that you reflect on their fears, wants, and pain points. If your sales team doesn’t understand your customers, how are you going to expect them to explain the benefits of your products and services to them? This is where empathy can make a difference in business.
  • Innovation and productivity acceleration: Customers who have strong empathy skills and customer support teams are more productive and innovating. This means that support representatives with soft skills are essential if you want increase efficiency and solve more problems for customers.
  • Collaboration and engagement are expanded: It is important for companies to show empathy by their managers and team members. This will help them attract high-performing employees. Companies that are empathic have higher retention rates and better morale.

How to show empathy in customer support

We’ve all had bad customer service experiences. Unfortunately, this is a common industry trait. We’ve all had great experiences, but we hope so. Empathy is the key element that distinguishes a customer service experience that makes you smile and one that makes your hair stand out.

For customers to have a meaningful relationship, it is essential that they can understand and relate to the feelings of others. Businesses of all sizes are realising this need to relieve clients. Empathy is not always easy. Empathy is a way of relating that requires you to look within and find commonalities with people you haven’t met before. It is a good idea to teach your support staff this essential trait to ensure customers leave happy.


Listen to customers as they speak. Pay attention to details and why customers are mad. Sometimes customers may get angry at their previous associates. This could be more serious than actually having a problem with the product or service. You can apologise to the customer and explain why you are upset. Show sincere concern for the customer and express your desire to help. Let me know if you have any questions. Learn more by taking a quick course or having us tailor one for your team.

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