Salespeople need to know how to have a conversation.

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Salespeople Need Effective Meetings

coursedetailsMeetings with your entire sales team can serve as a great way to keep your business in good health. However, they can also be a waste of time and can cause salespeople to lose valuable sales time. You can make your time together count by setting the right agenda, sharing important updates and encouraging group discussion. However, you can leave simpler updates for email.

What is a Sales Meeting?

A sales meeting is an internal review between sales professionals and sales leaders. This meeting is not for external attendees, such as a sales call, pitch or sales call. It is only for internal attendees and provides the necessary information to enable sales staff to do their job well. The meeting is usually run by sales managers (such as a director, sales manager, or vice president) and will be attended by sales reps.

Although meetings are essential for all sales teams, they can sometimes get stale and unproductive. It could be that the topics you are discussing in your weekly sales meetings may not be the most important.

Sales team members meet regularly during an internal sales meeting to discuss company announcements, open sales deals, organisational goals, and other matters.

Salespeople need to know how to have a conversation.

Sales meetings are where you need to be providing the most relevant, important information to your sales team. Here are some ideas to help you improve your sales meetings topics.

Keep it consistent: It is a good idea to have the meeting at the exact same time each week. This will help sales reps get into a routine of scheduling the same time every week. Your team will be more attentive and will not overbook the meeting unless absolutely necessary.

Limit them to no more than an hour. Many conferences or meetings start with a thud a few minutes after the start time. This is because everyone waits for the stragglers who are still there to join. This should not happen at your meeting

Share your successes. Being a sales rep is hard work. In the daily grind of work, it is difficult to find time to praise a colleague for their efforts. Allow time for individual sales reps to be congratulated on their achievements during the meeting. Ensure that sales representatives have the opportunity to share positive news at every meeting.

Give your team time to prepare: An agenda helps keep everyone on track, explains why the call is being held and provides a clear ending point for salespeople so they can return to their selling.

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Establish Ground Rules: Make sure you announce these rules at every meeting to reduce confusion and frustration.

Recognise performance: Sales staff meetings should include time for success stories. Salespeople love to be recognised. It shouldn’t be something you can only do if you have the time. Your sales team will enjoy attending meetings if you are consistent and do it every time. You don’t need to reward the top performers all the time.

Keep the Conversation Moving: The leader of any meeting is responsible for keeping the discussion on-topic. This responsibility is crucial for conference calls, as people don’t have visual cues to tell them if they’ve strayed from the point.

You should make sure there is space for questions, ideas, and collaboration. Sales meetings agendas should include time for group discussion. Meetings are not only about communicating your message, they also provide a platform for team members to share their best practices and learn from one another.

Motivation and energy are key to motivating your team. Meetings often end in sighs or objections. Meetings are often seen as a burden that hinders reps’ ability to do their best work. Make your sales meetings something that reps look forward to.

Record the Meeting: It’s often as easy as possible to get six of ten sales team members together in one meeting. Recording the meeting may be all a sales representative needs to get the information they need.

Sales meetings do not have to be feared. They can be a great opportunity for reps to grow, learn, and succeed if they are well planned and communicated. They can also provide new ideas for strategic sales. These innovations can also come from unexpected places, as you’ve seen. Your salespeople should be focused on potential customers at the end of each day. Sales meetings can help you refocus your salespeople on the important things and keep everyone productive.


Your business model and size will determine the topics, themes, and structure of the sales meetings you choose. These tips can be applied to any situation. You can adapt them as needed. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and add new elements. Keep your eyes open for ways to engage your team and make each meeting more valuable. Learn more about conducting effective meetings for salespeople with a tailored training session for your team.

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