Sales Prospecting: A Key Part of Business Success

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Introduction to Sales Prospecting Techniques

coursedetailsProspecting is a key part of any business’s success. Prospecting is the process of finding qualified leads and converting them into customers. Prospecting is just one step towards creating leads. Understanding the importance of sales prospecting and the process by which people make buying decisions is key.

What is Sales Prospecting?

Prospecting is the act of finding potential clients, customers or buyers to your products and services.  Then, you will systematically contact them to convert them from potential customers to current customers. Prospecting is the modern term for looking at your leads and identifying potential customers to convert to paying customers. Its the process of finding potential customers (either people or companies) that match your ideal customer profiles. 

Prospecting isn’t just about buying a list of potential customers.  It requires work and techniques which we will discuss.

Here are some major techniques for sales prospecting:

sales prospecting techniques

We should evaluate how we did with each prospect after every contact.

1. Making Calls

It is possible to increase the chances of receiving a warm reception by getting to know your prospect before making your first call. This is more engaging and positive, which can lead to more qualified leads. You can learn more about your prospect by having conversations, such as their interests and hobbies.

According to research, 69% of buyers have accepted calls from new salespeople within the last year. 27% of sellers agree that calling new contacts is very effective. It’s important to have personal conversations with prospects, such as asking about their weekend and what team they are rooting for tonight. To build a relationship with prospects and increase our likeability, which hopefully will lead to a prospect being more inclined to buy from us.

2. Referrals

Referral prospecting is where you prospect for sales through people you know. These are your existing contacts. Customers you currently work with will refer their friends to you to help solve a problem using your product or service. Ask clients for social proof to get reviews. Ask for referrals from contacts at the prospect’s firm. Establish new relationships and contacts. Through your networks and efforts, you can introduce new business. This is the best source of new business to include in your marketing efforts. This is more effective if your stakeholders are higher-up in the organisation.

3. Emails

Effective sales prospecting emails are difficult to write. Another effective way to reach your prospects is via email. You can think of a perfect prospect and then try to understand their pain points. Send them an email with a pitch about how your product can solve their problems. Emailing is a popular prospecting method as it has been proven to be extremely efficient. Select a list of prospects that is most likely to match your buyer’s criteria, and then find their email addresses to send them personalised emails. This will increase deliverability and the likelihood of clients responding. Email is still a powerful sales tool. It’s still alive as 80% buyers prefer to be contacted via email. However, there’s one thing that is slowly dying: mass- or bulk-mailing.

4. Webinars

Webinars are a great way to find leads. To host a webinar, partner with other organisations in your industry.  This is one way to create value for prospects and inform them about the benefits of your product. These webinars are held anytime and allow prospects to share their knowledge about the product. This can help those at the decision stage get the final push to close a deal.

5. Social Media Platforms

It is likely that many people who have researched your product are active users on Social Media Platforms (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). Answer their questions and share information that relates to what they are looking for. These are the channels your potential buyers will use to search for information. Social media platforms provide avenues to marketers. It continues to offer opportunities for companies to reach an audience. There are billions of users on social media every month, so if you’re trying to find your audience, they’re most likely there.

6. Connect with influencers. This will help you connect with people all over the globe without any geographical limitations. Millions of people regularly check their Social Media accounts to find information that makes it easier to get products and services. An online platform can be a great place to prospect for sales.

7. Refer to a script:

A basic script can be helpful for new salespeople when prospecting. It will help them to reduce client discomfort, use the correct language, and address complaints. Some people still use a script. However, whether you use a template or not, it is important to listen to your prospects so that your conversations are tailored to their needs.

Final Sales Prospecting Thoughts

All of these tips are designed for Sales Prospecting activities. They are direct efforts to convert leads into customers.  Sales prospecting basically means that sales reach out to leads in hopes of creating sales opportunities. There are usually 4-5 techniques within a sales pipeline. It starts with a qualification technique. Next, it moves through the discovery and consideration methods. Finally, it ends at the closing or purchase technique.

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