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About This Training Course
Presenting in front of an audience can seem a very scary prospect. How often have we recoiled at the thought of being able to present to them an idea or a concept? Among other things, we worry about them laughing at what we say, getting thoughts wrong, and perhaps the most catastrophic of all: having emotional blocks. We understand this; such fears can become all too real at any given time, particularly in business.

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Objectives for the Sales Presentation Training

How your team will benefit:

  • Identify the Important Elements of a Quality Proposal
  • Know How to Write a Winning Proposal
  • Perfect your first impression, including your dress and your handshake
  • Improve your Personal Presentation Skills
  • Learn How to Make an Effective Presentation
  • Feel more Comfortable and Professional in Face-to-Face Presentations
  • Improve Wording to Increase Motivation and Audience Participation
  • Presentation Skills to Enhance the Effectiveness of your Presentation
  • How to use Visual Presentation Methods Effectively
  • Involving your Audience
  • Improving your Memory for Delivery, Reduce your requirement for Notes

Sales Presentation Training Summary

Sales Presentation can appear very daunting, but mastering it might help sway people and business outcomes to your favor. This means knowing the appropriate body language, word usage, voice pitch and more. We can eve} arrange for specialisation by complementing this session with other sessions on our complete training guide|manua}. For additional information, please contact us.

This training course is specially designed to counter all three of these fears. You will learn how to create first impressions that last, present your proposals in a more assertive manner and how to aid your memory in both visual and verbal sales presentations. You can even combine this with our Confidence, Esteem and Assertiveness training session for maximum effect. The units you will undertake will enable you to improve your presentation skills and maximise your potential in marketing your products or sales.

We hold training sessions at Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Parramatta, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth.

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Instructor Led

We provide an online instructor led session to enable you to learn with the assistance of a professional trainer. The session can be booked for a time convenient to you. Click here for more information and to make your booking. Cost $495

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