Paramount Future Developments in 2021

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Paramount Training & Development in 2021

With 2020 being a year that many of us would like to forget, we look to the future and what 2021 is set to reveal. Some people took advantage of the social distancing and working at home opportunities in the past year and we see that much of that will continue. Many businesses have decided to keep part of their workforce at home, or to put in more flexible opportunities as we brace for the next pandemic or other issues in the future. The year of 2020 had some impacting changes forced upon us, those who survived the economic impact, strive on to make a more resilient and adaptable future.

With all of this in mind we wanted to map out some of the options, developments and changes that Paramount Training & Development will provide throughout the coming year.

Paramount Developments

  • New design interface for self service design of customisation workbooks. This will allow you to chose your own images, design style and customise your workbook easier
  • Pre-Recorded Training Sessions/Classes/Webinars
  • Transcription of your training program available

There are many new ideas and developments happening within the walls of Paramount Training & Development. We will keep you in the look of any new tools available for you to use. These new options will be available from early 2021.

More Remote Learning Options Available

Remote learning refers to the absence of the teacher or student in the traditional classroom setting. Technology is used to relay information, including discussion boards, video conference, and online assessments. Remote Learning can be done synchronously through peer-to-peer interaction, collaboration and real-time peer-to–peer interaction, or asynchronously via self-paced learning activities that occur independently from the instructor.

Remote learning is a term that refers to educational activities that are done online in a variety formats. Online communication is possible via a variety of options, including collecting assignments and disseminating education materials.

We will be bringing you a new range of Hybrid and Remote Learning Classes.

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