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Paramount Workbook Design System for Your Business

We have been hard at work and are releasing a new workbook design system. The system itself is a self help and intuitive system to help you provide our editing team with more information about your specific needs.

It has a range of features such as:

  • Personalisation Options
  • Business Requirement Solutions
  • Self directed questionnaire with optional changes based on your selection
  • Colourful examples and choice for design
  • Plus much much more.

The Difference Between Bespoke and Off The Shelf Training

It is clear that a custom-designed or bespoke course offers a distinct advantage over an off-the-shelf one.

While off-the-shelf courses are easy to deploy, custom or bespoke courses take more time to create and then deploy. Although bespoke courses are more costly due to initial development costs, there would be no recurring licensing fees. Many businesses will find that e-learning solutions available off the shelf are sufficient to provide all their needs and more without having to spend extra on customisation.

Tailored Training- Customised Bespoke Training Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Geelong Parramatta

Prepackaged solutions can be purchased and customised for the broadest audience. Businesses can have these courses up and running in a matter of minutes. The vendor will also handle the design and testing. These solutions are ideal for training on general topics, since the courses are designed by industry experts to conform to compliance standards. They’re also more affordable and favoured by smaller businesses with less budgets.

The inevitable downside is that standard solutions are not tailored to your specific business model or workflow. This means that the content may not meet your training goals as well as custom-designed courses. A bespoke approach might be better if your needs are more specific than an off-the shelf option.

Training is not a one-size fits all approach. Many organisations have a unique training requirement that cannot be met by either open courses or off the shelf training programs.

The single greatest benefit of a customised training program is its relevance. You can tailor the course to meet your corporate needs by choosing a bespoke option. This includes the content, learning materials, vocabulary and values.

“Bespoke” is defined as “something made specifically for a customer or user”. A Tailor might make and sell clothing bespoke to the order of a customer.

A bespoke training course is one that is designed to focus on specific skills and subjects. These skills and subjects are often more applicable to one business area. These courses are intended to assist employees and individuals in gaining training on specific areas that will benefit them in the future. They can save time by not having to take a course that covers more general information about business. This will allow them to learn the information they need to tailor their business or work field.

As the name implies, custom or bespoke courses are made specifically to your requirements.

It can be daunting to train. Complex. It can be confusing. It doesn’t have it to be.

We are here to help. Our world-class training programs will help you understand it all. Our courses are accessible and interactive.

Our bespoke service can be tailored to your training needs and is cost-effective and easy. We work closely with clients to understand their learning goals, review the course content, and discuss options for adapting it to your context, case studies, or other documents. Then, we match you with one of our skilled trainers.

Call one of our Account Managers to discuss your high-level skills and create a customised training program.

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