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Paramount Training & Development Unveils New Classes and Lessons

Paramount Online Learning Courses Plus LessonsWith Covid-19 affecting many of us around the globe, we have had to make changes in our work lives and many people are choosing to work at home, or to upskill in the downturn. It is a smart move to use the time to train your staff and keep them employed while in lockdown or with the restrictions. Online learning can be described as a broad term that includes webinars, virtual classrooms, and even web meetings.

Here at Paramount we are dedicated to providing new options that blend with the time, so with that in mind we want to announce new courses and lessons for workplaces. These lessons are 1 hr in length and enable staff to login to a zoom session with other participants.

By joining in on a class or lesson, you will be greeted with a professional facilitator and be take through the learning for that class. You are able to send learning requirements before the session to the trainer which enables you to get the skills you need quickly and effectively.

Each class is scheduled at different times allowing you to choose the best time for your team to join in. The sessions are highly interactive and a great learning resource for any business large or small.

“The benefits of this type of training is the ease of upskilling plus the advantage of using the time your team have between lockdown and the transition back to business” – David Alssema (Owner/Overseer)

If a 1hr session is too short for you or your staff member you are still able to take advantage of the 1 on 1 training sessions. They run for 4-6 hrs and is focused on the standard training objectives within the workshop.  We also provide group or team training to help those that require a more custom approach and something onsite.

The Benefits of Online Classes & Webinars

Many people feel that webinars can be a disadvantage but there is a plus side to the training. The benefits of being able to work anywhere in a post-Covid world will be more of a focus for future working teams.

Training audiences can be scattered across the globe, sometimes even remotely. They might have very busy work schedules, or family responsibilities that make it difficult for them to attend training facilities or conferences. You might consider an online solution such as a webinar series, or e-learning modules. Both fall under the category of digital training options.

Online seminars are different from traditional face-to-face seminars, even though the content could theoretically be identical. While they offer many advantages over traditional lectures, there are also some drawbacks. The webinar format is not dependent on any particular location. Both the speaker and participants save time and money by not having to travel to the seminar site.

Costs for training delivery: Once pre-existing material has been modified or a new PowerPoint created, the only fees are the instructor’s time and any minor administrative and/or program/application fees that may be incurred if the enrollment process isn’t automated.

Technology requires constant updates and newer systems. Continuous training and learning is the only way to achieve this. It can be exhausting to work a 9-5 job while pursuing courses. You may find that going to the training center can eat away at your weekends and take up some of your time. Online training courses are available from anywhere, anytime. Only one requirement is an internet connection.

Managers are being forced to do more with less due to shrinking budgets and general economic slowdown. This means that it is crucial to keep learning, add value, improve your skills and the skills of your staff while also reducing costs. Many professionals have added webinars to their training options to address these issues. This is a low-cost option for staff and themselves.

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