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Inventory Management Skills

coursedetailsWhat is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is an important step in the supply chain. It tracks inventory and stock quantities in and out your warehouse. The systems are designed to help you manage your inventory levels accurately by allowing you to see where your inventory is at all times and how much.

Inventory management allows companies to identify the stock they need and when. It records inventory from purchase to sale. It detects trends and provides timely warnings about shortages.

To increase accuracy and efficiency on pick routes, some companies might opt to scan their inventory using a barcode scanner.

Why is inventory management important?

The foundation of longevity is inventory management. Your supply-chain management and inventory management will all fall into place if your inventory is well organised. How you manage your inventory will determine how your business runs, serves your customers, and grows sales. It is essential to manage inventory effectively for businesses that sell products, from small craft breweries to large wholesale distributors. These are the three main reasons.

When a company places orders manually without knowing the inventory status, it can cause out of stock and overstocks. This method is not good for inventory forecasting, and can result in excessive stock or too few stocks.

These mistakes can not only cost you money but will also result in lost labor that you have to correct later. If you do not implement management tools, the risk of human error errors increases by the minute. Your customer loyalty and reviews take a hit.

istockphoto xThe skills of inventory management

1. Avoid spoilage

You have to sell a product with an expiry date like food makeup. If it isn’t sold in the right time, it could go bad. You can avoid spoilage by managing your inventory efficiently.

2. Avoid dead stock

Stock that is no longer able to be sold, but not necessarily because it has expired, it could also have gone out-of-fashion, out of style, or become obsolete. This costly inventory error can be avoided by a careful strategy.

3. Storage costs can be reduced

Warehousing can be a variable cost. This means that it changes depending on how many products you store. If you store too many products at once, or have a difficult product to sell, storage costs will rise. This will help you save money.

4. Increase cash flow

A solid inventory system will allow you to know how much product you have at any given time. Based on sales, you can also project when it will run out and be able to replace it. This not only helps to ensure that you don’t lose important sales for cash flow but it also allows you to plan ahead and buy more by making sure you have enough cash.

5. Optimise fulfillment

A good inventory management will improve your order fulfillment. Inventory distribution is a strategy that allows you to use fulfillment centers near your customers. If they order online, their order will be shipped faster and delivered to them sooner, which can save you both time and shipping costs.

How does inventory management work?

Inventory management is a simple process that tracks products, components, and ingredients across suppliers. It also tracks stock on hand and production. This helps ensure stock is being used efficiently and effectively. You can get as far as you want it to. For example, inventory management may help to determine the difference between independent and dependent demand or forecast sales so that you can plan ahead. It all comes back to your stock at the end.

What is inventory control?

Inventory control is the way you manage stock in storage. This includes knowing the stock you have, how much it is, where it is, and in what condition it’s currently stored. This includes ensuring stock is stored efficiently, minimising inventory costs and minimising time spent on counting and controlling inventory.

Last Thoughts

You can prioritise your products by grouping them into groups to help you see which products need to be ordered often and how quickly they leave your stock. This will allow you to invest more time and resources in profitable products. Good inventory management software will make managing your stock much easier. This software will not only save you time but also your sanity. Learn more about Inventory Management or other business skills within a tailored training session designed for your team.

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