How To Become Customer Service Focused

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What is Customer Service Focus?

Customer focus is about putting customers’ needs first. Customers-focused businesses create a culture that is focused on customer satisfaction and builds strong customer relationships.

Customer focus does not have to be a sole responsibility of customer support or any one team. It is a responsibility that affects the whole business. Customer service skills are important for customer focus. However, customer-focused businesses show that customer experience matters throughout the entire organisation at all stages of the customer journey.

Companies must change their attitude if they want to increase sales and revenue in today’s competitive market. They are not sure which approach is best for them. Whether to choose customer focus or customer services.

Why is customer service focus important?

Customers expect more from their businesses than ever before. Customers are comparing their experiences with your brand with the fast, personalised, and easy ones they have with the best. These customer-focused businesses reap the rewards of loyalty and competitive advantage.

99% of companies compete primarily on customer experience. Customer focus is more important than ever. However, there is still a gap between how many companies believe they are customer-focused and how many customers agree. Despite the fact that 80 percent of companies think they provide “super experiences”, only 8 percent believe so.

customer serviceA majority of customers would choose to switch to another company if they had a bad experience. This number rises to around 80 percent if there are multiple bad experiences. It is crucial to be a customer-focused company in order to ensure customers feel good about your brand. It requires that you hold your customers as the driving force behind all you do.

Good news: Customer focus can be improved. It starts with a deeper understanding of customer focus and a strategy to improve customer focus.

Your customers are the key to your company’s success. Without customers, your company wouldn’t be able to generate revenue, sales, or even a business. You must make them a priority to be successful. This requires more than just standard customer service.

A customer-focused culture is the best way to achieve high customer satisfaction and align your business goals.

How do you start?

You can improve your customer focus by understanding what customer focus is and creating a customer focus strategy.

Building a customer focus strategy that works is possible on two levels: the emotional level and the operational level. You can build honest, open, and transparent relationships between your customers with a great customer focus strategy. It will also help you to set up the right processes and tools for this.

To be a customer-focused company, teams must work together in order to provide a better customer experience. More than 70% of customers expect companies that work together for their benefit.

Every customer has a story. Customers don’t like to be reminded of their story each time they contact your company. Customers who feel neglected because they must repeat their story every time they interact with your brand won’t remember you as customer-focused.

It may seem simpler to concentrate on one communication channel and provide a great customer experience there. It’s not difficult to create a great customer experience. Customers don’t want you to exert effort in reaching them. Customer-focused businesses meet customers wherever they are. Customers can reach out whenever and wherever they like.

How can you tell if your customer service is focused?

Your company will shine a light on potential new opportunities when it is built around the needs of your customers. No matter how simple or complex the opportunities may be (e.g. bundling certain functions together), understanding your customers will help you grow.

How can I tell if my company is customer-focused?

  • Is there an FAQ section on your website that you can refer to? Your FAQ section is one of the first things customers see when they are trying to buy something. Don’t assume they won’t ask if you can fulfill their need. Every buyer would like to have the basics of the information or be able to find it quickly if the need arises. This information is essential for potential buyers to be able to make an informed decision about their purchase. You will lose potential buyers to companies that invest in helpful and educational content if you don’t provide content to aid them in their research.
  • Are you able to offer an onboarding/welcome program? A customer who has purchased something from you will have many questions. Buyer’s remorse can also cause doubts. This can be a problem and you need to make sure your customers have a great experience. This can be done through email and/or other communication channels like SMS or notifications on your mobile phone. This series is about getting new customers up to speed on your product/service.
  • Do you have a single database that contains all customer information? Contact management is a key operational tactic that most companies fail to master. This database is your “single source truth” about customers. Marketing often has multiple lists. A CRM is used by sales. Support and customer service have a ticket system. Accounting uses another software. Customers are often passed around when they need help or support. Customers call customer service to report a billing problem. They then transfer the bill to accounting and then send it back to sales. Customers will be able to easily get the services they need and want from an organisation that is focused on them. The next question is “Is it up-to-date?” Does everyone who deals with customers have access to it? This database should contain the entire timeline of each person who visited the website prior to purchase, as well as the items purchased and the support tickets submitted. This way, when customers call customer service or  a member of the marketing team, they won’t respond with “please write us an email” or force them to go through hoops to get a quick solution to their problem/question.

Customers-focus is a powerful skill.

This helps you to better understand your customers and makes it easier for you to exceed their expectations. You should try at least one of the exercises and see if they make any difference.

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