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coursedetailsWhat is a call centre?

The call centre is a team that handles outgoing and incoming customer calls. They are managed by agents who handle each call and keep track on open cases and transactions.

Call centres can either be proactive (outbound), or reactive (inbound) in customer service. They can reach customers with service offers or offer traditional support. Companies offer proactive customer service to build stronger customer relationships and take advantage of timely opportunities to cross-sell and upsell.

Call centre work is often criticised for being stressful, soul-sucking and just plain awful. This may be true for some people, but it is possible to make the most of your job and walk away from each day feeling good.

The best customer service agents understand that sometimes what is natural for them isn’t for their customers. Their tone is likely to be urgent, worried, and even agitated. You can show empathy by matching their urgency (but mix it with confidence) to calm them down and get them to your side. Be careful not to overdo it!

Positive customer service experiences are key to building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients. As a call centre agent, it is essential that you can demonstrate good customer service etiquette. It is common for a customer to first interact with you, so it is your responsibility to make a positive impression on behalf the company.

A key problem in contact centres is the lack of clarity among advisors about what they are expected to do. This can seriously impact contact centre performance.

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How to improve your call centre

You can learn what customers want and sell them the products or services they are looking for. You can provide a high-quality customer experience by having a sales representative on call to help customers with questions, orders and post-purchase support. This will allow you to increase sales and build loyalty. This excellent customer service experience is proven to reduce friction and encourage repeat purchases.

Customer service and sales must always be a priority. This is why it is so important to always put customers first.

Call Center Tips and Tricks

  • Tip #1: Clear up Client Complaints. Before you jump into problem solving mode, make sure that you have a clear understanding about the client’s issue. Clients will be either frustrated or impatient, so it is important to communicate clearly throughout the conversation in order to get a full understanding.
  • Tip #2: Empathy is more important than sympathy From the beginning, let clients know that you are available to listen and assist. Reassurance to clients that you will do your best to solve their problems.
  • Tip #3: Positivity, patience. You will have to learn to be patient with customers who complain, curse or yell at you as a call centre agent. But, this should not affect your response to them.
  • Tip #4: Efficiency…Efficiency! This is a key point that we cannot emphasise enough. Happy customers are those whose problems have been solved quickly (and that’s your job!) .
  • Tip #5 – Gain deep knowledge about your products and services. A database of information about your products and services is a great way to make sure your agents are knowledgeable. This database should be available for agents to use at will to answer any questions, concerns, or objections that customers may have.
  • Tip #6 – Take control of the sales conversation Agents should be confident in leading customer conversations, clearly explaining how your products and services can help each customer’s situation.
  • Tip #7 Cross-Sell. Cross-selling your products and services is one of the best ways to increase your inbound call centre sales. If your customer is looking to buy a computer, your agents should suggest adding a printer in their shopping cart. It’s basically the ABC rule of thumb – “Always Be Closing”!
  • Tip #8 – Build rapport. People don’t like being sold to. People want to purchase from brands they trust and like. Customers will feel more at ease and open to purchasing products if they focus on building relationships.
  • Tip #9 – Use Marketing Personalisation Technologies. Call centre representatives should have full access to 360-degree profiles of prospects and customers so that they can personalise each conversation and offer product recommendations based upon past purchases, browsing habits, preferences, and interactions with your company.
  • Tip #10 – 70% of purchasing experiences are determined by how customers feel about their service. This is enough to make it worthwhile to train call centre agents and ensure that everyone knows how to conduct phone support. Because call centre agents are often the first contact point for customers, they also have the most important role to play in a company’s image. It is therefore crucial that your call centre maintains a high standard of etiquette.

Here are 10 tips that call centre managers and agents should be aware of when dealing with customers.

10 Tips for Call Center Etiquette Excellence:

  • #1 Be courteous
  • #2 Be professional
  • #3 Respect others
  • #4 Be honest
  • #5 Trustworthiness
  • #6 Be confident
  • #7 Be competent
  • #8 Keep an open mind
  • #9 Be neutral
  • #10 Be flexible

How can you make the interaction positive? With proper call centre etiquette. You can transform a problem into something positive by communicating with customers in a way they feel understood and supported.


As a customer service agent, your number one priority should be to provide excellent customer service. Clients should be approached in a positive way, have a consistent attitude, learn new skills and keep improving their craft. Learning how to impress your customers will help you retain them and have them returning time and time again. Learn more from our team by calling or emailing. We can conduct a training course for your team.

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