Creating a Powerful Sales Pitch

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What is a Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is a professionally written and packaged sales presentation. A typical salesperson has less than two minutes to present the benefits of their business to a prospect. It is sometimes called an elevator pitch in certain contexts because you have to convince a prospect to do business with you.

A strong sales pitch must convey the message clearly and persuasively. A well-crafted sales pitch will lead to profitable sales. Your interactions will be shaped by the first few minutes of business conversations. This is your opportunity to convince prospects about the superiority and value of the service that you offer.

A sales pitch is your brand message, mission and best testimonial, all compressed into a few sentences. You can make your pitch longer than a discovery call, but they don’t have to be long. Or, you can keep it short like an elevator pitch.

What is the importance of a sales pitch?

Today clients are more educated, but it does not mean that you don’t need to spend time educating them via the pitch or your role.  Because it is likely that a prospect will have their first interaction with you in person, your sales pitch is vital to help teach and reach their needs. This is a great opportunity to increase their knowledge of your company. Your pitch can be used to establish a personal value exchange with your customer.

A sales pitch that is both effective and adds value should be used to win in such a difficult environment. This is an opportunity for both sellers and customers to get to know their needs, wants, and fears. Prospects can also use this opportunity to find the answers that they didn’t get from an internet search.

Your sales pitch should not be about describing every aspect of your product. Your goal is to reach your audience and get their attention until they are ready to make a purchase.

sales pitch training course Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Perth Adelaide Canberra Parramatta GeelongWe have six simple steps to help you create a sales pitch that will sell.

1. Keep your introduction short.

Do not begin your pitch by reciting everything about yourself, your accomplishments, and the history of your company.

These details are easily accessible online and most likely already have been looked at by your prospects. It’s okay to give a brief overview, but you should move quickly to more interesting content.

2. Self-assurance is key.

Confidence is a selling point and buyers are as attracted as the product as they are to the seller. People don’t purchase from people they don’t like. Don’t let doubt cloud your pitch. Never state, “it’s my goal” or “I hope” for something. Key phrases such as “it will” are good examples. Believe in your product.

3. Not price, but sell value

Price is not the best indicator of value, so it is important to emphasise the product’s worth. Sellers tend to focus too much on the price first. It is important to focus on the tangible value customers receive from a product.

4. Backup your product.

Buyers want to know that your product is supported from both a technical and value perspective. It is important to not only sell your product to one customer but to create many loyal customers. It is important to exceed customers’ expectations in order to get there. The more you exceed the more likely you will gain more customers.

Customers can use guarantees to ensure they won’t get left behind if there are problems and they can walk away with no loss from their purchase. This method works well online because you do business with people that you don’t know and don’t see. Therefore, you don’t know what to expect beyond the purchase stage.

5. Ensure that your solution solves real problems

Make sure your potential customers see the importance of the problem you solve.

6. Avoid potential problems.

Each product has its shortcomings. You should anticipate any reservations potential customers might have and address them promptly.

This will help you to close the deal quickly and prevent any future dissatisfaction.

These six tips above will help you improve your sales pitch. But, the most important tip of all is to listen to potential customers. Listening actively is better than waiting for potential customers to quit talking. Instead, listen actively and you won’t be waiting for them stop talking before you tell them the next point.

Only then will you be able to address any concerns and, more importantly, determine if your product is the right fit for them.

Final Pitch Help

You need customer-centric content that addresses problems, not products. Engaging delivery that draws in your audience; storytelling techniques that keep them on their toes; and a slide show that supports your pitch without taking over. Keep practicing until you feel confident that you can do it anywhere and at any time. You never know what the next opportunity might present itself.

Your business will have trouble maintaining a healthy revenue stream if you don’t know how to pitch or aren’t willing.

If you are able to and are willing and able to work hard, pitching can open up new avenues for income generation and relationships.

Are you ready to create your sales pitch? Our training and courses are available.  When writing a winning sales pitch, ensure you know your audience inside and out. Talk about your customers, not your product. Keep it brief.

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