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What Is Collective Writing?

It involves collaboration with others to improve content or knowledge.

Different definitions of collaborative writing

The meanings of collaboration and collaborative writing are still being debated, refined, and expanded upon. No final decision is expected. Some consider collaboration a form of multiauthorship or writing together. It refers to acts where two or more people consciously collaborate to create a common text.

Even though one person ‘writes’ text, the contributions of another person have an impact on the final text. This is why it is appropriate to call the relationship and the result collaborative.

Here are the Best Tips for Collaborative Writing

How do you start collaborative writing? You must abandon the false belief that writers are less effective when they work together.

Writers are often viewed as introverted, quiet loners who seek solitude from the world to write. One imagines the solitary writer as someone who is introverted and sits alone at their desk. This stereotypical image is false.

Group Writing

All of us, academically or in business, are likely to take part in group writing. This could be a group assignment for an undergraduate class, a collaborative research paper, grant proposal or report by a business group.

Writing in groups can be very beneficial. Multiple brains are more efficient than one for brainstorming and for actually completing a task. Working in a group can be stressful, as there are many writing styles and opinions to consider. This article will provide an overview of collaborative writing, strategies to write together successfully, and tips for avoiding common pitfalls. You will also find links to other training courses that can be particularly helpful as you move through the writing process.

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Collaboration in Group Writing

Although all writing can be considered collaborative, we don’t often think about it that way. It would be surprising to find an author who, even though they wrote it independently, didn’t have some influence from friends or colleagues.

There are many options for collaboration. You can have a group of coauthors go through the entire writing process together. Or you can write as a single voice. Group members contribute roughly equal. In collaborations on research projects however, there may be a wide range of levels of participation.

To be successful in either situation, it is important to be clear about the responsibilities of each member and their expectations. Credit (authorship) should also be given to those who have contributed a reasonable amount. Each member of the group may benefit from being credited for their contributions.

Collaborating Online

There are many tools that you can use to collaborate writing. One of these is the wiki, which allows you to comment, add, or modify the work of others online. You may be required to contribute to a Wiki. Make every effort to meet with your collaborators regularly. The more you get to know people with whom you work, the easier it will be to work together.

Online Writing Group Best Practices

Limit your group size  For example you can change the privacy settings where it may be set to public, and the group can be closed after enough members join. You may choose to allow new members to join the group once the core members were established. This is one of the keys to online success.  There are clear advantages to keeping the group small.

Make Decisions By Majority. When you decide to have a weekly conference call, get everyone to look at the calendars and list the three most convenient times. Everybody may have other tasks so you need to check with others if you are looking at getting the group together at once. Another challenge may be the different time zones. Try to choose one that is convenient for all.


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