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Communication is an integral part of the business world and one skill of particular importance is the ability to compose letters clearly and concisely. Without the skill to write clearly and concisely, there’s a greater possibility that the point of the message may be missed completely. This will lead to a waste of time and maybe even conflicts within the workplace due to misunderstandings due to poor communication.

This Business Writing that Works Session will be able to provide you and your team with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be able to write clearly, efficiently, and effectively. The session will also be customisable so as to be able to cater to the specific needs of your employees and your industry. The pictures, questions, and material will all be modified to suit the requirements of your training session.

This session will be most beneficial to those who must write as a part of their job. The experience, technical expertise, and knowledge of basic tips on how to write more clearly and effectively that will be gained from this training session will be invaluable. You will learn how to get your thoughts down on paper in a clear, concise, complete, and correct manner so that your message will end up being strong and persuasive.

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Business Writing that Works Objectives

This session will help you teach employees how to :

  • Utilise the four C’s of writing
  • Ensure their writing fulfills basic grammatical standards, including word arrangement, sentence structure, proper spelling, and punctuation
  • Differentiate between the active and passive voice
  • Write business letters, reports, memos, and e-mails
  • Have a better grasp of the basics of writing–that is, better appreciate the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure required for writing correctly
  • Practice the ability to write concisely and clearly, so that the reader will grasp quickly the message of the written material
  • Learn how to gather, format and present material correctly and effectively
  • Develop a writing style in keeping with that used by experienced writers
  • This training available in all states and territories Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra

Business Writing Training Summary

Writing is a process and the finished output is the product. And because writing is a process, there are methods by which it could be improved. The objective of this training session will be to concentrate on the details of the composing process and the methods by which it can be improved or refined. Practical information will also be given on how to make the writing process less difficult for those struggling with writing in their work.

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We provide an online instructor led session to enable you to learn with the assistance of a professional trainer. The session can be booked for a time convenient to you. Click here for more information and to make your booking. Cost $495

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We provide this session also as a self paced online training session. The cost of this session is $69. If you would like a professional certificate of completion posted to you the cost of the session will be $89 Click the button to book and receive your login details immediately.

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