8 Creative Writing Techniques

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What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is also known as artistic writing. It can be focused on narrative, character development, literary tropes and poetics.

Creativity is not just about writing one sentence after the other. It is about creating a story or message that has an impact on the reader. To do this, you use literary tropes and other devices to make your writing engaging and grab the attention of the reader.

These are some writing ideas that will grab the attention of readers:

1. A broad understanding of the subject is essential

To be creative in writing, you need to have a clear approach and a broad understanding of the topic to help the reader see the bigger picture. This knowledge can be gained by spending time researching the topic and interviewing people. Your writing will be more effective if you have more information. Writers often miss the bigger picture.

2. Do Something Different

Do not be afraid to try something new or unusual that will take your writing beyond the norm. This can often lead to something new and exciting that readers will love.

How do you achieve this? You can think differently and find environments that inspire or relax you. Sometimes breaking the rules is the best way for creative writing to flourish.

writing style3. A Recognisable Writing Voice

Creative writers are able to identify their unique voice. Writing fiction is not necessary to have a unique voice. Your voice will come out more if you write more. It’s okay to let your creativity flow. Try out different styles and read a lot.

There are many voices out there and you want your voice to be heard. If you don’t be true to yourself, you will burn out when you write a lot. You’ll be able to write engaging articles by finding your authentic voice and letting it shine through.

4. Include Interesting Details About the Setting and Location

Your writing should be brought to life. Your writing will transport readers to specific locations and settings by providing details. While literature can seem dry if it is only focused on the facts, it can become more interesting if it includes details about a setting or location. Creative writing can have an impact on even the smallest details.

5. Extended Metaphors

The writer may use a metaphor to explain complex concepts so that readers can understand them better. It is possible to explain unfamiliar concepts in a familiar way so that they are easy to visualise.

Because they convey complex concepts in a way that is more simple but universal, good metaphors can be a shortcut to understanding a book. Metaphors can be used to add depth and dimension to your story.

6. Keep Your Ideas Recorded

You should always have a notebook on you so you can write down any thoughts that come to you. Inspiration can strike at any time. You can think about your topic while you’re out and about or doing everyday tasks. It’s amazing what you might think about when you are not in your work mode.

7. Use Meaningful Dialogue

Meaningful dialogue will show how the character feels and what they mean by their words. Instead of focusing on the words spoken, add a few details about the character to create a mental image about the person. While most people are able to write creative essays, having meaningful dialogue makes it a masterpiece.

8. Create Tension/Conflict

Conflict can arise between characters, and it can be either internal or external. These opposing forces should be balanced to keep the reader engaged in the story, and eager to find out how it ends. You can choose from many themes of conflict, including universality, insight and empathy, surprise, causality or progression, empowerment, and mystery.

Get Writing!

Once you have all these ideas, you can begin writing. What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper, grab a pencil and start scribbling. Use the creative writing possibilities to create your world! For more Writing training or insight contact our team for an online course or tailored training session for your team.

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