5 Types of Etiquette

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Five Types of Etiquette

What is Etiquette?

In simpler terms, etiquette is the behavior that distinguishes humans from animals. The human being is a social animal, so it is important to act in a responsible manner. Etiquette is the art of being socially responsible.

For a lasting impression, etiquette is key. Your interactions with parents, colleagues, and friends can speak volumes about your personality.

Etiquette is a set of guidelines that govern how a responsible person should behave in society.


Five Types of Etiquette

  1. Social Etiquette – This is an important skill that teaches individuals how to behave in society.
  2. Bathroom Etiquette – A set of rules that an individual must follow when using public toilets or offices. You should make sure that the bathroom is left clean for others.
  3. Corporate Etiquette – Corporate Etiquette is the way an employee should conduct himself at work. Every employee must maintain the company’s decorum. Do not wander around looking for things or peek into others’ cubicles.
  4. Meeting Etiquette – This refers to the manner in which one should conduct himself when attending any seminar, meeting, or presentation. Listen to the other person. Always bring a pen and a notepad to any meeting. Not only is it important to note important points, but also for future reference.
  5. Etiquette when eating out in public – Individuals should observe certain rules. Make sure you don’t make a lot of noise while eating. You should not leave the table until everyone has finished eating.

Use etiquette to your advantage

Etiquette helps in making people around you comfortable. This is a great way to build strong friendships and relationships. This is the etiquette which encourages you to show kindness to others. This will increase your happiness and satisfaction.

Proper etiquette promotes clear communication and improves the flow of information between people. It also removes unnecessary barriers that can prevent open communication. Basic etiquettes give us a fair idea about how a culture functions. It will be a great help if you’re traveling to unfamiliar places as the basic rules are the same everywhere.

Last Thoughts

The art of etiquette helps individuals earn respect and appreciation within the community. It is not easy to talk to someone who doesn’t know how to behave or speak in the society. Etiquette fosters trust and loyalty. One grows more mature and responsible. Etiquette helps people value relationships.

Etiquette is a way to behave in society. A responsible behavior is important for a person to be accepted by the society. Our behavior should not be embarrassing for those around us. Public behavior should not be irrational or illogical. Learn more by taking one of our courses or have our team tailor a session to suit your needs.

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