10 Quick Email Tips To Help Maximise Replies

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10 Tips on Emailing from the Experts

Emailing is an important part of business these days and being able to quickly respond without picking up the phone can be advantageous. Yet, often that context and tone is misinterpreted via email due to having less of these signals available. We have put together 10 tips for you to help put that voice back into your email.

  1. Use formatting correctly. BoldItalics even font size can make or break your email.
  2. Use bullet points to attract attention and highlight main points.
  3. Use numbered points if you have a specific order or quantity you wish to highlight. Use the above if they are more general or not ordered.
  4. Use your Subject Line more effectively. Instead of  just “Invoice” put more information in your subject line such as”Reply Required: Invoice #4532 Attached”
  5. Be more specific. Specific things will get you specific results, General things will get you general results. Be more specific in your emails. Especially last line and paragraph, if a reply is needed then place here. If its required by a certain date, add the date. Its amazing how the replies then start to come back.
  6. Consider the time you are sending the email. Don’t expect your invoice to be paid, if you send at 4pm on a Friday.  Many business pay mid week, so Mon-Tue is great for invoices. If you wish to get a response, earlier on in the day and Tue, Wed are the best two days for email marketing or open rates.
  7. Use templates. Typing up emails can be time consuming, even though we prefer a more personal approach always, having templates ready can save you time and effort. Especially if you are sending to multiple people.
  8. If you wish to get more response, state you will follow up the email if you haven’t heard from the person before a certain date. This will motivate them to email you back before the follow up date.
  9. No more lengthy emails. To avoid long emails that are unread, type your long message in a word document and attach as an attachment. Then just write “Please see attached” the person then has a choice when to read your story and the email has more impact. Only place what is of interest in the email. Everything else can be attached.
  10. Get ideas from your inbox. Take a look at other emails and other business correspondence you may get. You may find there are many great ideas, and changes you could make to your emails to help them stand out like others you receive. Why reinvent the wheel, learn from some of the biggest companies around the globe.


We hope there may be one or two points here which has increased your email performance. For more information on our email etiquette training please see our training options.



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